Edd Winfield Parks and Aileen Wells Parks (eds), The Collected Poems of Henry Timrod: A Variorum Edition

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Editor’s NoteCritical ApparatusHARK TO THE SHOUTING WIND37

  • 1Hark to the shouting Wind!
  • 2     Hark to the flying Rain!
  • 3And I care not though I never see
  • Critical Apparatus4     A bright blue sky again.
  • Critical Apparatus5There are thoughts in my breast to-day
  • 6     That are not for human speech;
  • 7But I hear them in the driving storm,
  • Critical Apparatus8     And the roar upon the beach.
  • Critical Apparatus9And oh, to be with that ship
  • 10     That I watch through the blinding brine!
  • Critical Apparatus11O Wind! for thy sweep of land and sea!
  • 12     O Sea! for a voice like thine!
  • Critical Apparatus13Shout on, thou pitiless Wind,
  • 14     To the frightened and flying Rain!
  • 15I care not though I never see
  • Critical Apparatus16     A calm blue sky again.

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Critical Apparatus
Title: 1859 and PS: exclamation point after Wind
Editor’s Note
37. "Hark to the Shouting Wind" was published in Russell's, II (Feb. 1858), 438; Poems (1859), 96; Proof Sheets # 32; Hayne, 191; Memorial Edition, 26.
Editor’s Note
John O. Eidson, Tennyson in America, 72–73, notes the indebtedness to Tennyson's "Break, Break, Break": "Timrod in 1857 paid homage to it in one of the closest imitations, 'Hark to the Shouting Wind'."
Critical Apparatus
line 4 R: exclamation point after again
Critical Apparatus
5 R: comma after today
Critical Apparatus
8 R: exclamation point after beach
Critical Apparatus
9 R: And O to be . . . Ship; 1859: O, for oh,; PS: Oh, for oh,
Critical Apparatus
11 R: O Wind for . . . Land and Sea!
Critical Apparatus
13 R: no commas in line
Critical Apparatus
16 R: exclamation point after again
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