Janet Todd (ed.), The Pickering Masters: The Works of Aphra Behn, Vol. 7: The Plays: 1682–1696

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pg 352Editor’s NoteEPILOGUE

  • 1Gallants you have so long been absent hence,
  • 2That you have almost cool'd your dilligence,
  • 3For while we study or revive a Play,
  • 4You like good Husbands in the Country stay,
  • 5There frugally wear out your Summer Suite,
  • 6And in Frize Jerkin after Beagles Toot,
  • 7Or in Monntero Caps at field-fares shoot,
  • 8Nay some are so obdurate in their Sin,
  • 9That they swear never to come up again.
  • 10But all their charge of Cloathes and treat Retrench,
  • 11To Gloves and Stockings for some Country Wench.
  • 12Even they who in the Summer had mishaps,
  • 13Send up to Town for Physick for their Claps.
  • 14The Ladyes too are as resolv'd as they,
  • 15And having debts unknown to them, they stay,
  • 16And with the gain of Cheese and Poultry pay.
  • 17Even in their Visits, they from Banquets fall,
  • 18To entertain with Nuts and bottle-Ale.
  • 19And in discourse with secresy report
  • 20Stale-News that past a Twelve-month since at Court.
  • 21Those of them who are most refin'd, and gay,
  • 22Now learn the Songs of the last Summers Play:
  • 23While the young Daughter does in private Mourn,
  • 24Her Loves in Town, and hopes not to return.
  • 25These Country grievances too great appear;
  • 26But cruell Ladies, we have greater here;
  • 27You come not sharp as you were wont to Playes;
  • 28But only on the first and second Days:
  • Editor’s Note29This made our Poet, in his visits look
  • 30What new strange courses, for your time you took.
  • 31And to his great regret he found too soon,
  • Editor’s Note32Basset and Umbre, spent the afternoon:
  • 33So that we cannot hope to see you here
  • 34Before the little Net work Purse be clear.
  • 35Suppose you should have luck;——
  • 36Yet sitting up so late as I am told,
  • 37You'l loose in Beauty, what you win in Gold:
  • 38And what each Lady of another says,
  • 39Will make you new Lampoons, and us new Plays.

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Editor’s Note
EPILOGUE] For additional footnotes to this much used piece, see the prologue to Abdelazer.
Editor’s Note
l. 29 his visits] The pronouns and possessives relating to the author have not been changed to the feminine forms as they were when the verses were used in the 1693 edition of Abdelazer.
Editor’s Note
l. 32 Basset] Basset has been substituted for Beast of the original suggesting a change in relative popularity of the card games.
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