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Herbert, Henry

(bap.1594 – d.1673),master of the revels

Earliest work:Revels Documents to 1642(1642)

Latest work:R97(1673)

Heritage, Thomas

(c.1500 – 1541),skinner

Earliest work:Account Book(1532)

Latest work:Account Book(1540)

Herman the Archdeacon

(?c.1040 – 1097/8),monk and hagiographer

Earliest work:De Symoniaca Heresey: On the Heresy Simony(1094–5)

Latest work:Miracles of St Edmund(1098)


(c.485 – c.425 BC),historian

Earliest work:Histories(c.430 BC)

Latest work:Histories(c.430 BC)

Herrick, Robert

(bap.1591 – d.1674),poet

Earliest work:A Country life To his Brother, M. Tho: Herrick(1610)

Latest work:To The King, Upon his welcome to Hampton-Court(1647)

Heywood, Thomas

(c.1573 – 1641),playwright and poet

Earliest work:The Spanish Tragedy(1599)

Latest work:The Old Law(1618)

Hobbes, Thomas

(1588 – 1679),philosopher

Earliest work:Letter 2 6 [/16] November 1628 Hobbes to Christian Cavendish, Countess of Devonshire, from London(1628)

Latest work:Letter 209 18 [/28] August 1679 Hobbes to William Crooke, from Chatsworth(1679)

Hoccleve, Thomas

(c.1367 – 1426),poet and clerk

Earliest work:The Letter of Cupid(1402)

Latest work:The Friend's Advice(1422)

Hogg, James

(1770 – 1835),poet and novelist

Earliest work:To William Laidlaw(1800)

Latest work:Tales of the Wars of Montrose(1835)

Hooker, Richard

(1554 – 1600),theologian and philosopher

Earliest work:Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity(1593)

Latest work:Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity(1593)

Hopkins, Gerard Manley

(1844 – 1889),poet

Earliest work:To Catherine Hopkins(1852)

Latest work:To Catherine Hopkins (Dictated; 8 May)(1889)


(65 – 8 BC),poet

Earliest work:Epodes(30 BC)

Latest work:Carminum Liber Quartus(13 BC)

Howe, Julia Ward

(1819 – 1910),poet, author, and woman suffrage leader

Earliest work:The Hermaphrodite(c.1850)

Latest work:The Hermaphrodite(c.1850)


(d. c.1140),historian

Earliest work:The History of the Church of York(c.1127–40)

Latest work:The History of the Church of York(c.1127–40)

Hume, David

(1711 – 1776),philosopher and historian

Earliest work:To Michael Ramsay (4 July)(1727)

Latest work:To Adam Smith (23 August)(1776)

Hutchinson, Lucy

(1620 – 1681),poet and biographer

Earliest work:Lucretius's De Rerum Natura(1658)

Latest work:Selections from the Theological Notebook(1673)

Hyde, Edward, first Earl of Clarendon

(1609 – 1674),politician and historian

Earliest work:On the death of Dr Donne(1631/2)

Latest work:Portrait of Buckingham(1669)

Isidore of Seville

(c.AD 560 – 636),clergyman and scholar

Earliest work:Origines (Etymologiae)(c.AD 625)

Latest work:Origines (Etymologiae)(c.AD 625)

Itier, Bernard

(1163 – 1225),monk, chronicler, and librarian

Earliest work:Chronicle(1212)

Latest work:Autograph and Other Historical Notes(c.1225)

Jacob, Henry

(1562/3 – 1624),semi-separatist minister

Earliest work:The Defence(1620)

Latest work:The Defence(1620)