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Butler, Joseph

(1692 – 1752),moral philosopher and theologian

Earliest work:Butler to Clarke, November 4th, 1713(1713)

Latest work:Analogy of Religion(1736)

Butler, Samuel

(bap.1613 – d.1680),poet

Earliest work:Hudibras(1658)

Latest work:Classified Prose Observations from Butler's Manuscript(1665)

Byrhtferth of Ramsey

(fl. c.AD 986 – c.1016),Benedictine monk and scholar

Earliest work:Vita Sancti Oswaldi: The Life of St Oswald(c.AD 997–1102)

Latest work:Vita Sancti Ecgwini: The Life of St Ecgwine(c.1000–1016)

Byron, George, sixth Baron Byron

(1788 – 1824),poet

Earliest work:On the Death of a Young Lady, Cousin to the Author and Very Dear to Him(1802)

Latest work:Last Words on Greece(1824)


(100 – 44 BC),general and politician

Earliest work:De Bello Gallico(58–50 BC)

Latest work:De Bello Civili(49–44 BC)

Campion, Thomas

(1567 – 1620),poet and musician

Earliest work:Canto Secundo(1591)

Latest work:Occasional Verses(1614)

Cannon, John

(1684 – 1743),excise official and autobiographer

Earliest work:Chronicles(1742)

Latest work:Chronicles(1742)

Carew, Thomas

(1594/5 – 1640),poet

Earliest work:XXX. Thomas Carew on The New Inn(1629)

Latest work:To my friend G. N. from Wrest(1639)

Carey, Robert, first earl of Monmouth

(1560 – 1639),courtier

Earliest work:The Memoirs of Robert Carey(1628)

Latest work:The Memoirs of Robert Carey(1639)

Carlyle, Thomas

(1795 – 1881),author, biographer, and historian

Earliest work:The French Revolution(1837)

Latest work:Thomas Carlyle, Charles Dickens and John Forster to the Editor of the Times (8 February)(1856)

Cary, Patrick

(c.1624 – 1657),poet

Earliest work:Divine Poems(1650)

Latest work:Ballads(1651)


(84 – 54 BC),poet

Earliest work:Carmina(54 BC)

Latest work:Carmina(54 BC)

Caxton, William

(1415 – 1492),printer and translator

Earliest work:History of Troy(c.1473–4)

Latest work:Blanchardin and Eglantine(1489)

Chalkhill, John


Earliest work:Thealma and Clearchus(1683)

Latest work:Thealma and Clearchus(1683)

Chamberlayne, William

(c.1619 – 1689),poet and playwright

Earliest work:Pharonnida(1659)

Latest work:England's Jubilee(1660)

Chambers, Robert

(1737 – 1803),jurist and judge

Earliest work:A Course of Lectures on the English Law(1767)

Latest work:A Course of Lectures on the English Law(1767)

Charles I, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland

(1600 – 1649),king of England, Scotland, and Ireland

Earliest work:To Elizabeth Stuart (28 July)(1613)

Latest work:Majesty in Misery: or, An Imploration to the King of Kings(1649)

Chatterton, Thomas

(1752 – 1770),poet

Earliest work:On the Last Epiphany, or Christ Coming to Judgement(1763)

Latest work:Atticus. To the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Bristol(1770)

Chaucer, Geoffrey

(c.1340 – 1400),poet and clerk

Earliest work:The Romaunt of the Rose(c.1360–9)

Latest work:The Canterbury Tales(1400)

Chortatsis, Georgios

(1545 – 1610),playwright

Earliest work:Panoria(c.1590)

Latest work:Katzarapos(c.1600)