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(fl. supp. 7th or 8th century BC),epic poet

Earliest work:Iliad(c. 8th century BC)

Latest work:Odyssey(c. 8th century BC)

Hooker, Richard

(1554 – 1600),theologian and philosopher

Earliest work:Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity(1593)

Latest work:Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity(1593)

Hopkins, Gerard Manley

(1844 – 1889),poet

Earliest work:To Catherine Hopkins(1852)

Latest work:To Catherine Hopkins (Dictated; 8 May)(1889)


(65 – 8 BC),poet

Earliest work:Epodes(30 BC)

Latest work:Carminum Liber Quartus(13 BC)

Housman, A. E.

(1859 – 1936),poet and classical scholar

Earliest work:c.1 Jan. 1872(1872)

Latest work:To Katharine Symons(1936)

Howe, Julia Ward

(1819 – 1910),poet, author, and woman suffrage leader

Earliest work:The Hermaphrodite(c.1850)

Latest work:The Hermaphrodite(c.1850)


(d. c.1140),historian

Earliest work:The History of the Church of York(c.1127–40)

Latest work:The History of the Church of York(c.1127–40)

Hume, David

(1711 – 1776),philosopher and historian

Earliest work:To Michael Ramsay (4 July)(1727)

Latest work:To Adam Smith (23 August)(1776)

Hutchinson, Lucy

(1620 – 1681),poet and biographer

Earliest work:Lucretius's De Rerum Natura(1658)

Latest work:Selections from the Theological Notebook(1673)

Hyde, Edward, first Earl of Clarendon

(1609 – 1674),politician and historian

Earliest work:On the death of Dr Donne(1631/2)

Latest work:Portrait of Buckingham(1669)

Isidore of Seville

(c.AD 560 – 636),clergyman and scholar

Earliest work:Origines (Etymologiae)(c.AD 625)

Latest work:Origines (Etymologiae)(c.AD 625)

Itier, Bernard

(1163 – 1225),monk, chronicler, and librarian

Earliest work:Chronicle(1212)

Latest work:Autograph and Other Historical Notes(c.1225)

Jacob, Henry

(1562/3 – 1624),semi-separatist minister

Earliest work:The Defence(1620)

Latest work:The Defence(1620)

James VI & I, King of Scotland, England, and Ireland

(1566 – 1625),king of Scotland, England, and Ireland

Earliest work:To Sir Francis Walsingham (9 September)(1586)

Latest work:A Proclamation for better furnishing the Navy (20 March 1625)(1625)

James, Henry

(1843 – 1916),writer

Earliest work:A Tragedy of Error(1864)

Latest work:Daisy Miller: A Comedy in Three Acts(1882)

Jeake, Samuel

(1652 – 1699),merchant and astrologer

Earliest work:A Diary of Actions & Accidents in the Life of Samuel Jeake(1699)

Latest work:A Diary of Actions & Accidents in the Life of Samuel Jeake(1699)

Jeffreys, Joyce

(fl. 1638 – 1648),spinster

Earliest work:Transcript of Joyce Jeffrey's Will(1648)

Latest work:Business and Household Accounts(1651)


(AD 347 – 420),priest, theologian, and historian

Earliest work:The Life of Malchus the Captive Monk(AD 391–2)

Latest work:The Life of Malchus the Captive Monk(AD 391–2)

John of Worcester

(fl. 1095 – 1140),Benedictine monk and historian

Earliest work:The Chronicle(c.1140)

Latest work:The Chronicle(c.1140)

Johnson, Joseph

(1738 – 1809),bookseller

Earliest work:To Benjamin Franklin (4 November)(1766)

Latest work:To William Henry (29 November)(1809)

Johnson, Samuel

(1709 – 1784),author and lexicographer

Earliest work:To Sarah Johnson(1719)

Latest work:To William Strahan (10 December)(1784)

Jonson, Benjamin

(1572 – 1637),poet and playwright

Earliest work:A Tale of a Tub(1596)

Latest work:An Epigram to my jovial Good Friend Mr. Robert Dover(1636)

Josselin, Ralph

(1617 – 1683),Church of England clergyman and diarist

Earliest work:Diary(1641)

Latest work:Diary(1683)

Joyce, James

(1882 – 1941),writer

Earliest work:Ulysses(1922)

Latest work:Ulysses(1922)

Julian of Norwich

(1342 – c.1416),anchoress and mystic

Earliest work:Revelations of Divine Love: The Short Text(?c.1373)

Latest work:Revelations of Divine Love: The Long Text(c.1393)


(fl. 1768 – 1773),political writer

Earliest work:Letter I: Addressed to the printer of the Public Advertiser 21 January 1769(1769)

Latest work:Nemesis 12 May 1772(1772)


(AD 60 – 140),poet

Earliest work:Saturae(AD 140)

Latest work:Saturae(AD 140)

Kennett, White, Bishop of Peterborough

(1660 – 1728),Historian and bishop of Peterborough

Earliest work:Etymologicon Anglicanum(1700)

Latest work:Etymologicon Anglicanum(1700)

Kenrick, Samuel

(1728 – 1811),banker

Earliest work:To James Wodrow (28 June)(1750)

Latest work:To James Wodrow (8 October)(1783)

King, Henry

(1592 – 1669),poet and bishop of Chichester

Earliest work:An Essay on Death and a Prison(1612)

Latest work:Poems not included in the Edition of 1657(1664)

Knighton, Henry

(d. c.1396),chronicler and Augustinian canon

Earliest work:Chronicle 1337–1396(1396)

Latest work:Chronicle 1337–1396(1396)

Kyd, Thomas

(c.1558 – 1594),playwright and translator

Earliest work:The Spanish Tragedy(1585)

Latest work:Cornelia(1593)

Kynaston, Francis

(1586/7 – 1642),writer and founder of an academy of learning

Earliest work:Leoline and Sydanis(1642)

Latest work:Cynthiades, or Amorous Sonnets(1642)

Lanfranc, Archbishop of Canterbury

(c.1010 – 1089),Archbishop of Canterbury

Earliest work:To William, Abbot of Saint-Étienne(1070)

Latest work:To Maurice, Bishop of London(1086–9)

Latham, Richard

(1699 – 1767),smallholder and textile producer

Earliest work:The Account Book(1724–67)

Latest work:The Account Book(1724–67)

Leapor, Mary

(1722 – 1746),poet

Earliest work:Poems Upon Several Occasions (1748)(1746)

Latest work:Poems Upon Several Occasions (1751)(1746)

Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm

(1646 – 1716),mathematician and philosopher

Earliest work:Dissertatio de Arte Combinatoria: A Dissertation on Combinatorial Art(1665)

Latest work:To Edmond Halley (8 October)(1705)

Leonardo da Vinci

(1452 – 1519),polymath

Earliest work:The Codex Leicester(c.1509–12)

Latest work:The Codex Leicester(c.1509–12)

Leveson-Gower, Granville, second Earl Granville

(1815 – 1891),politician

Earliest work:To Lady Ashburton (17 February)(1853)

Latest work:To William Ewart Gladstone (29 July)(1886)

Lewes, George Henry

(1817 – 1878),writer

Earliest work:Percy Bysshe Shelley(1841)

Latest work:Rachel and Racine(1875)

Lillo, George

(1691/3 – 1739),playwright

Earliest work:Silvia(1730)

Latest work:Britannia and Batavia(1734)

Lily, William

(?1468 – 1522/3),grammarian and schoolmaster

Earliest work:Grammar of Latin in English(1522/3)

Latest work:Grammar of Latin in English(1522/3)


(59 BC – AD 17),historian

Earliest work:Ab Urbe Condita(before AD 17)

Latest work:Ab Urbe Condita(before AD 17)

Locke, John

(1632 – 1704),philosopher

Earliest work:Latin oration or letter(c.1650–1652)

Latest work:To Peter King (20 October)(1704)

Lodwick, Francis

(bap.1619 – d.1694),linguistic scholar

Earliest work:A Common Writing(1647)

Latest work:To John Aubrey(1685)

Longstreet, Augustus Baldwin

(1790 – 1870),lawyer, minister, educator, and humourist

Earliest work:The Dance: A Personal Adventure of the Author(1833)

Latest work:The Gnatville Gem(1843)

Lovelace, Richard

(1617 – 1657),poet and army officer

Earliest work:Lucasta, 1649(1649)

Latest work:An Elegy(1660)

Lowther, John, second baronet

(bap.1642 – d.1706),politician and industrialist

Earliest work:To the Bishop of Chester London, 21 April 1694(1694)

Latest work:To William Gilpin(1698)


(AD 39 – 65),poet

Earliest work:Bellum Civile(AD 62)

Latest work:Bellum Civile(AD 62)


(94 – 55 BC),poet

Earliest work:De Rerum Natura(55 BC)

Latest work:De Rerum Natura(55 BC)