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Cotton, Charles

(1630 – 1687),poet and translator

Earliest work:An Elegy upon the Death of Henry, Lord Hastings(1649)

Latest work:The Idea(1687)

Cowley, Abraham

(1618 – 1667),poet

Earliest work:On Hope(1646)

Latest work:Sylva(1668)

Cowper, William

(1731 – 1800),poet and letter-writer

Earliest work:Verses Written at Bath, in 1748, on Finding the Heel of a Shoe(1748)

Latest work:Papilio et Limax(1800)

Crabbe, George

(1754 – 1832),poet and Church of England clergyman

Earliest work:Juvenilia, 1772-1775(1772)

Latest work:To George Crabbe, Junior (7 January)(1832)

Crashaw, Richard

(1612/3 – 1648),poet

Earliest work:In faciem Augustiss. Regis à morbillis integram.(1632)

Latest work:Epithalamium(1635)

Cromwell, Thomas, first Earl of Essex

(c.1485 – 1540),royal minister

Earliest work:To John Creke (17 August)(1523)

Latest work:To the Lords of the Council (24 July)(1540)

Culley, George

(bap.1735 – d.1813),agriculturist

Earliest work:Journal(1765)

Latest work:19. Wentbridge 6th January 1785(1785)

Culley, Matthew

(1731 – 1804),agriculturist

Earliest work:Journal(1770)

Latest work:Journal(1794)

Curtius Rufus, Quintus

(fl. ?1st century AD),historian

Earliest work:Histories of Alexander the Great(AD 20–120)

Latest work:Histories of Alexander the Great(AD 20–120)

Dalgarno, George

(c.1616 – 1687),writer on language

Earliest work:The Universal Character(1657)

Latest work:Didascalocophus or The Deaf and Dumb Man's Tutor(1680)

Darwin, Charles

(1809 – 1882),naturalist, geologist, and originator of the theory of natural selection

Earliest work:Diary of the Voyage of H.M.S. Beagle(1836)

Latest work:Autobiography(1882)

Davenant, William

(1606 – 1668),poet, playwright, and theatre manager

Earliest work:The Fable of the Potts(1629)

Latest work:Ladies, who fine as Fivepence are(1668)

Davidson, John

(1857 – 1909),schoolteacher and writer

Earliest work:Ayrshire Jock(c.1880)

Latest work:Cain's Final Blessing [from Cain](1909)

Davies, John

(c.1569 – 1626),lawyer and poet

Earliest work:Sonnet 1(1591)

Latest work:On the Name of Charolus, Being the Diminative of Charus(1625)

Davy, Humphry

(1778 – 1829),chemist and inventor

Earliest work:To Cornelius Cardew(1793)

Latest work:To Lavinio de Medici Spada (27 April)(1829)

De Quincey, Thomas

(1785 – 1859),essayist

Earliest work:Juvenilia(1799–1800)

Latest work:Appendix [to ‘Lord Carlisle on Pope’](1859)

Defoe, Daniel

(1660 – 1731),writer and businessman

Earliest work:To Daniel Finch, Earl of Nottingham(1703)

Latest work:To Henry Baker(1730)

Dekker, Thomas

(c.1572 – 1632),playwright and pamphleteer

Earliest work:The Whole Royal and Magnificent Entertainment of King James(1603)

Latest work:The Sun's Darling(1624)

Deloney, Thomas

(d. in or before 1600),silkweaver and writer

Earliest work:A Declaration made by the Archbishop of Collen upon the Deed of his Marriage(1583)

Latest work:The Gentle Craft(1597–8)

Dickens, Charles

(1812 – 1870),novelist

Earliest work:To Master John Tribe and Miss Tribe(1821)

Latest work:To Messrs Pulvermacher Corp(1870)