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(fl. early 3rd century BC),tragic poet

Earliest work:Alexandra(c. 200–190 BC)

Latest work:Alexandra(c. 200–190 BC)

Lyly, John

(1554 – 1606),writer and playwright

Earliest work:A Warning for Wooers(1584)

Latest work:The Song at Theobalds(1606)

Macpherson, James

(1736 – 1796),writer

Earliest work:Fragments of Ancient Poetry(1760)

Latest work:Preface to The Poems of Ossian(1773)

Malebranche, Nicolas

(1638 – 1715),Cartesian philosopher

Earliest work:Treatise on Nature and Grace(1681)

Latest work:Treatise on Nature and Grace(1681)

Malory, Thomas

(1415/8 – 1471),author

Earliest work:The Tale of the Noble King Arthur(c.1462–70)

Latest work:The Most Piteous Tale of the Morte Arthur Saunz Guerdon(c.1469–70)

Mandeville, Bernard

(bap.1670 – d.1733),physician and political philosopher

Earliest work:The Grumbling Hive: or, Knaves turn'd Honest(1705)

Latest work:The Fable of the Bees. Part II(1729)

Mandeville, John

(supp. fl. c.1357),writer

Earliest work:Travels(?c.1357)

Latest work:Travels(?c.1357)


(fl. early third century BC),Egyptian priest

Earliest work:Apotelesmatica(3rd century BC)

Latest work:Apotelesmatica(3rd century BC)

Manning, Henry Edward

(1808 – 1892),Roman Catholic convert and cardinal-archbishop of Westminster

Earliest work:To William Ewart Gladstone (9 August)(1833)

Latest work:To William Ewart Gladstone (26 November)(1891)

Map, Walter

(d.1209),royal clerk, raconteur, and satirist

Earliest work:De nugis curalium(1193)

Latest work:De nugis curalium(1193)

Marcus Aurelius

(AD 121 – 180),Emperor and writer

Earliest work:Marcus to Fronto(AD 139–150)

Latest work:Meditations(AD 180)

Marlowe, Christopher

(c.1564 – 1593),playwright and poet

Earliest work:All Ovid's Elegies(1582)

Latest work:Hero and Leander(1593)

Marmion, Shackerley

(1603 – 1639),playwright and poet

Earliest work:The Legend of Cupid and Psyche(1637)

Latest work:The Legend of Cupid and Psyche(1637)

Marsh, Adam

(c.1200 – 1259),Franciscan friar, biblical scholar, and teacher

Earliest work:To Thomas Gallus, Abbot of St Andrew's, Vercelli(1242–3)

Latest work:To Bonaventure, Minister General of the Friars Minor(1259)


(AD 40 – 101),poet

Earliest work:Liber Spectaculorum(AD 80)

Latest work:Epigrammatum Liber XII(AD 101)

Martineau, Harriet

(1802 – 1876),writer and journalist

Earliest work:To the Revd Dr Lant Carpenter (24 July)(1819)

Latest work:To Isabella Spring Brown (25 December)(1874)

Marvell, Andrew

(1621 – 1678),poet and politician

Earliest work:To his Noble Friend Mr. Richard Lovelace, upon his Poems(1649)

Latest work:Miscellaneous Letters(1678)

Massinger, Philip

(1583 – 1640),playwright

Earliest work:The Copy of a Letter(1615–20)

Latest work:The Bashful Lover(1636)

Maynwaring, Arthur

(1668 – 1712),politician and author

Earliest work:To the Duchess of Marlborough (6 December)(1708)

Latest work:The Medley, No. 38(1711)

Melville, Herman

(1819 – 1891),novelist and poet

Earliest work:To Unknown on or before 11 October 1828 · New York(1828)

Latest work:Timoleon Etc.(1891)


(344/3 – 292/1 BC),comic dramatist

Earliest work:unknown(c.325–291 BC)

Latest work:unknown(c.325–291 BC)

Meredith, George

(1828 – 1909),novelist and poet

Earliest work:To R. M. Hill (1 Jan)(1844)

Latest work:To Ella Hepworth Dixon (13 May)(1909)

Middleton, Thomas

(c.1580 – 1627),playwright

Earliest work:The Penniless Parliament of Threadbare Poets(1591)

Latest work:The Triumphs of Health and Prosperity(1626)

Millar, Andrew

(1705 – 1768),bookseller

Earliest work:To Robert Wodrow (15 July)(1725)

Latest work:To David Hume (21 October)(1767)

Milton, John

(1608 – 1674),poet and polemicist

Earliest work:Carmina Elegiaca(c.1620?)

Latest work:A Declaration, or Letters Patents(1674)

Montagu, Mary Wortley

(bap.1689 – d.1762),writer

Earliest work:Julia to Ovid(1701)

Latest work:To Lady Frances Steuart 2 July(1762)

More, Henry

(1614 – 1687),philosopher, poet, and theologian

Earliest work:To Anne Finch (21 February)(1650)

Latest work:The Will of Henry More(1686)

Morris, Jane

(1839 – 1914),embroiderer and artist's model

Earliest work:To Ford Madox Brown (June)(1872)

Latest work:To Dante Gabriel Rossetti (5 March)(1881)

Munday, Anthony

(c.1560 – 1633),playwright and translator

Earliest work:The English Roman Life(1582)

Latest work:The Triumphs of the Golden Fleece(1623)

Nashe, Thomas

(c.1567 – c.1601),writer

Earliest work:The Penniless Parliament of Threadbare(1591)

Latest work:Henry VI, Part 1(1595)

Newman, John Henry

(1801 – 1890),theologian and cardinal

Earliest work:To Mrs Newman(1808)

Latest work:To Mrs William Langford(1892)

Nicholas of Clairvaux

(fl. 1145/6 – 1176/8),Benedictine, and later Cistercian, monk

Earliest work:To a young monk of Montiéramey (?Lecelin)(1135 × 1145)

Latest work:To Alain, Bishop of Auxerre(1160)

Nichols, John

(1745 – 1826),printer and writer

Earliest work:Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth I(1788)

Latest work:Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth I(1821)

Nicolson, William

(1655 – 1727),Church of Ireland bishop of Derry and antiquary

Earliest work:Session 1(1703)

Latest work:Session 13(1718)

of Longchamp, Nigel

(c.1130 – c.1200),satirist and poet

Earliest work:Speculum Stultorum(early 1190s)

Latest work:Speculum Stultorum(early 1190s)


(fl. supp. 200 – 400),legendary hero

Earliest work:Unknown(AD 200–400)

Latest work:Unknown(AD 200–400)

Oldham, John

(1653 – 1683),poet

Earliest work:In Obitum(1673)

Latest work:The Eighth Satyr of Monsieur Boileau, Imitated(1682)

Opie, Amelia Alderson

(1769 – 1853),novelist and poet

Earliest work:Sonnet on Visiting Cromer for the First Time Since the Death of My Mother with Whom I used Frequently to Visit it(1791)

Latest work:Oh ye! who come this show to view(1850)

Orderic Vitalis

(1075 – c.1142),Benedictine monk and historian

Earliest work:Vita sancti Ebrulfi: Life of St Ebrulf(1100–30)

Latest work:Gesta Normannorum Ducum: The History of the Dukes of Normandy(1159)

Osbert of Clare, Prior of Westminster Abbey

(d. in or after 1158),prior of Westminster Abbey and writer

Earliest work:To Hugh, Prior of Lewes(1120–3)

Latest work:To Adelildis, Abbess of Barking(1156–7)

Osborne, Dorothy, Lady Temple

(1627 – 1695),letter writer

Earliest work:To Sir William Temple (24 December)(1652)

Latest work:The Character of Sr W. Temple(1690)

Otway, Thomas

(1652 – 1685),playwright and poet

Earliest work:Alcibiades(1675)

Latest work:Windsor Castle(1685)


(43 BC – AD 17/18),poet

Earliest work:Amores(16 BC)

Latest work:Epistulae ex Ponto(AD 17)

Palmer, Samuel

(1805 – 1881),landscape painter and etcher

Earliest work:To Samuel Palmer Senior(1814)

Latest work:To [Alfred Herbert Palmer](1881)

Pater, Walter

(1839 – 1894),author and aesthete

Earliest work:The Myth of Demeter and Persephone(1875)

Latest work:Gaston de Latour(1894)

Peacock, Thomas Love

(1785 – 1866),satirical novelist and poet

Earliest work:1. To Sarah Peacock, 14 August(1792)

Latest work:336. To Lord Broughton, 7 October(1865)

Peele, George

(bap.1556 – d.1596),poet and playwright

Earliest work:Titus Andronicus(1589)

Latest work:Edward III(1595)

Pepys, Samuel

(1633 – 1703),naval official and diarist

Earliest work:1 S.P. to John Pepys Senior(1663)

Latest work:183 S.P. to Sir J. Lowther(1689)


(AD 34 – 62),poet

Earliest work:Saturae(AD 62)

Latest work:Saturae(AD 62)

Peter of Celle, Bishop of Chartres

(c.1115 – 1183),bishop of Chartres

Earliest work:To Pope Eugenius III, 15 Feb.(1145 × 1147)

Latest work:To Nicholas of St. Albans(1181)