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Flatman, Thomas

(1635 – 1688),miniature painter and man of letters

Earliest work:Upon a Chine of Beef(1655)

Latest work:Lines to Archbishop Sancroft(1688)

Fletcher, John

(1579 – 1625),playwright

Earliest work:Henry VIII, or All Is True(1613)

Latest work:The Two Noble Kinsmen(1613)

Ford, John

(bap.1586 – d.1639),playwright

Earliest work:John Forde in commendation of his very good friend the Author(1606)

Latest work:On the best of English Poets, Ben: Jonson, Deceased(1638)

Fulbert of Chartres, Bishop of Chartres

(d.1028),bishop of Chartres and teacher

Earliest work:To Abbot Abbo of Fleury, 2 February–11 July(1004)

Latest work:To Bishop Reginardus of Liège(late 1027–early 1028)

Gaimar, Geffrei

(fl. 1136 – 1137),Anglo-Norman poet and historian

Earliest work:Estoire des Engleis: History of the English(1136–7)

Latest work:Estoire des Engleis: History of the English(1136–7)

Gascoigne, George

(1534/5 – 1577),author and soldier

Earliest work:Supposes(1566)

Latest work:Certain notes of Instruction(1573)

Gathorne-Hardy, Gathorne, first Earl of Cranbrook

(1814 – 1906),politician

Earliest work:Diary(1866)

Latest work:Diary(1892)

Gay, John

(1685 – 1732),poet and playwright

Earliest work:To Nicholas Dennis (10 January)(1705)

Latest work:To Jonathan Swift (16 November)(1732)

Gentili, Alberico

(1552 – 1608),jurist

Earliest work:Dedicatory Epistle to Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex(1590)

Latest work:De Armis Romanis: The Wars of the Romans(1599)

Geoffrey of Burton, Abbot of Burton

(fl. 1107 – 1150),abbot of Burton 1114–50

Earliest work:Grant to Ralph f. Urvoi and his heir of Hampton [in Blithfield](c.1114)

Latest work:Grant to William in fee farm of the land of Pillatonhall(1133 × 1150)


(c.1146 – 1220/3),author and ecclesiastic

Earliest work:De Principis Instructione: Instruction for a Ruler(1191)

Latest work:De subito amore(c.1220/3)

Gilo of Paris, Cardinal-Bishop of Tusculum

(d. c.1139),monk and cardinal-bishop of Tusculum

Earliest work:Historia Vie Hierosolimitane: History of the Journey to Jerusalem(1119)

Latest work:Historia Vie Hierosolimitane: History of the Journey to Jerusalem(1119)

Gladstone, William Ewart

(1809 – 1898),prime minister and author

Earliest work:Diary(1825)

Latest work:Diary(1896)

Godolphin, Sidney, first earl of Godolphin

(1645 – 1712),politician

Earliest work:Letter 1 Godolphin to the Countess [4 March 1701]: [4 March 1701](1701)

Latest work:Letter 1752 Godolphin to the Duchess [15 May 1711]1(1711)

Godwin, William

(1756 – 1836),philosopher and novelist

Earliest work:1. To [Richard Evans](1778)

Latest work:To Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (6 August 1822)(1822)

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang

(1749 – 1832),poet, dramatist, and scholar

Earliest work:Kennst du das Land, wo die Citronen blühn(1799)

Latest work:Faust(1808)


(b. c.1035 – d. in or after 1107),Benedictine monk, musician, and hagiographer

Earliest work:Vita Sancte Werburge Virginis(1058–73)

Latest work:Vita Sancte Wihtburge Virginis(1106)

Gray, Thomas

(1716 – 1771),poet and literary scholar

Earliest work:Latin Verses at Eton(1733)

Latest work:To Norton Nicholls (28 June)(1771)

Green, T. H.

(1836 – 1882),philosopher

Earliest work:Prolegomena to Ethics(1882)

Latest work:Prolegomena to Ethics(1882)

Greene, Robert

(c.1558 – 1592),writer and playwright

Earliest work:II. Arbasto's Song(1584)

Latest work:XLVI. Sonnet(1599)