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Walsingham, Thomas

(d. c. 1422),historian and prior of Wymondham

Earliest work:The St Albans Chronicle: Chronica Maiora(1422)

Latest work:The St Albans Chronicle: Chronica Maiora(1422)

Walter of Châtillon

(d. after 1184),poet and theologian

Earliest work:Unknown(c.1160–80)

Latest work:Unknown(after 1184)

Walton, Izaak

(1593 – 1683),author and biographer

Earliest work:An Elegy upon Dr Donne(1633)

Latest work:The Compleat Angler(1673)

Walwyn, William

(bap.1600 – d.1681),Leveller and medical practitioner

Earliest work:A New Petition of the Papists(1641)

Latest work:Last Will and Testament(1681)

Wanley, Humfrey

(1672 – 1726),Old English scholar and librarian

Earliest work:To Arthur Charlett (15 October)(1694)

Latest work:To Giovanni Zamboni (9 March)(1726)

Wesley, Charles

(1707 – 1788),Church of England clergyman and a founder of Methodism

Earliest work:20 January 1728: Oxford, to John Wesley(1728)

Latest work:10 February 1788: Catherine Street, London, to Mr Wesley senior(1788)

Wheatley, Phillis

(c.1753 – 1784),poet

Earliest work:Untitled handwritten transcriptions in Reverend Jeremy Belknap's 1773 diary(1765)

Latest work:Liberty and Peace(1784)

Whitelocke, Bulstrode

(1605 – 1675),lawyer and politician

Earliest work:Diary(1675)

Latest work:Diary(1675)

Whiting, Nathaniel

(1611/2 – 1682),satirist and nonconformist minister

Earliest work:The Pleasing History of Albino and Bellama(1638)

Latest work:The Pleasing History of Albino and Bellama(1638)

Whittier, John Greenleaf

(1807 – 1892),poet and slavery abolitionist

Earliest work:The Exile's Departure(1825)

Latest work:To Oliver Wendell Holmes(1892)

Wilde, Oscar

(1854 – 1900),writer

Earliest work:Ye Shall be Gods(1871–4)

Latest work:The Ballad of Reading Gaol(1897)

Wilkins, George

(d.1618),playwright and pamphleteer

Earliest work:Pericles(1608)

Latest work:Pericles(1608)

William of Jumièges

(fl. 1026 – 1070),Benedictine monk and author

Earliest work:Gesta Normannorum Ducum: The History of the Dukes of Normandy(c.1070)

Latest work:Gesta Normannorum Ducum: The History of the Dukes of Normandy(c.1070)

William of Malmesbury

(b. c.1090 – d. in or after 1142),historian, man of letters, and Benedictine monk

Earliest work:Gesta Pontificum Anglorum: The History of the English Bishops(1125)

Latest work:Historia Novella: The Contemporary History(1142)

William of Poitiers

(c.1020 – after 1087),chaplain of William the Conqueror and historian

Earliest work:Gesta Guillelmi: The Deeds of William(c.1071–7)

Latest work:Gesta Guillelmi: The Deeds of William(c.1071–7)

Wilmot, John, second earl of Rochester

(1647 – 1680),poet and courtier

Earliest work:Love Dialogues(1674)

Latest work:Sodom and Gomorah(1679)

Winstanley, Gerrard

(bap.1609 – d.1676),author and Digger

Earliest work:Several Pieces Gathered into One Volume Set Forth in Five Books(1648)

Latest work:Letter to Lady Eleanor Douglas(1650)

Wodrow, James

(1730 – 1810),Church of Scotland minister

Earliest work:To Samuel Kenrick(1749 or 1750?)

Latest work:To Samuel Kenrick (23 May)(1782)

Wordsworth, Dorothy

(1771 – 1855),writer

Earliest work:D. W. to Jane Pollard (July)(1787)

Latest work:D. W. to M.W. (22 October)(1850)

Wordsworth, Mary

(1770 – 1859),wife of William Wordsworth

Earliest work:To John Monkhouse (26 October)(1800)

Latest work:To Susan Wordsworth (7 February)(1855)

Wordsworth, William

(1770 – 1850),poet

Earliest work:I Extract from the Conclusion of a Poem Composed in Anticipation of Leaving School(1787)

Latest work:2131. W.W. to John Pringle Nichol(1850)

Wulfstan Cantor

(fl. AD 996),hagiographer and poet

Earliest work:Unknown(c.AD 996)

Latest work:Unknown(c.AD 996)

Wyatt, Thomas

(c.1503 – 1542),poet and ambassador

Earliest work:The Quiet of Mind(1528)

Latest work:Wyatt's Declaration(1541)

Wycherley, William

(bap.1641 – d.1716),playwright

Earliest work:Love in a Wood(1660)

Latest work:The Plain-Dealer(1677)

Wyclif, John

(d.1384),theologian, philosopher, and religious reformer

Earliest work:De Universalibus(1373–4)

Latest work:English Wycliffite Sermons(1389–90)

Young, Edward

(c.1683 – 1765),writer

Earliest work:To Samuel Reynolds (10 August)(1705)

Latest work:To George Keate (7 October)(1764)