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Marlowe, Christopher

(bap.1564 – d.1593),playwright and poet

Earliest work:All Ovid's Elegies(1582)

Latest work:Hero and Leander(1593)

Marmion, Shackerley

(1603 – 1639),playwright and poet

Earliest work:The Legend of Cupid and Psyche(1637)

Latest work:The Legend of Cupid and Psyche(1637)


(AD 40 – 101),poet

Earliest work:Liber Spectaculorum(80)

Latest work:Epigrammatum Liber XII(101)

Martineau, Harriet

(1802 – 1876),writer and journalist

Earliest work:To the Revd Dr Lant Carpenter (24 July)(1819)

Latest work:To Isabella Spring Brown (25 December)(1874)

Marvell, Andrew

(1621 – 1678),poet and politician

Earliest work:To his Noble Friend Mr. Richard Lovelace, upon his Poems(1649)

Latest work:Miscellaneous Letters(1678)

Massinger, Philip

(1583 – 1640),playwright

Earliest work:The Copy of a Letter(1615–20)

Latest work:The Bashful Lover(1636)

Maynwaring, Arthur

(1668 – 1712),politician and author

Earliest work:To the Duchess of Marlborough (6 December)(1708)

Latest work:The Medley, No. 38(1711)

Melville, Herman

(1819 – 1891),novelist and poet

Earliest work:To Unknown on or before 11 October 1828 · New York(1828)

Latest work:Timoleon Etc.(1891)


(344/3 – 292/1 BC),comic dramatist

Earliest work:unknown(c.325–291 BC)

Latest work:unknown(c.325–291 BC)

Meredith, George

(1828 – 1909),novelist and poet

Earliest work:To R. M. Hill (1 Jan)(1844)

Latest work:To Ella Hepworth Dixon (13 May)(1909)

Middleton, Thomas

(bap.1580 – d.1627),playwright

Earliest work:The Penniless Parliament of Threadbare Poets(1591)

Latest work:The Triumphs of Health and Prosperity(1626)

Milton, John

(1608 – 1674),poet and polemicist

Earliest work:Poems, etc upon Several Occasions(1645)

Latest work:Samson Agonistes(1671)

Montagu, Mary Wortley

(bap.1689 – d.1762),writer

Earliest work:Julia to Ovid(1701)

Latest work:To Lady Frances Steuart 2 July(1762)

More, Henry

(1614 – 1687),philosopher, poet, and theologian

Earliest work:To Anne Finch (21 February)(1650)

Latest work:The Will of Henry More(1686)

Munday, Anthony

(bap.1560 – d.1633),playwright and translator

Earliest work:The English Roman Life(1582)

Latest work:The Triumphs of the Golden Fleece(1623)

Nashe, Thomas

(bap.1567 – d. c.1601),writer

Earliest work:The Penniless Parliament of Threadbare(1591)

Latest work:Henry VI, Part 1(1595)

Newman, John Henry

(1801 – 1890),theologian and cardinal

Earliest work:To Mrs Newman(1808)

Latest work:To Mrs William Langford(1892)

Nichols, John

(1745 – 1826),printer and writer

Earliest work:Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth I(1788)

Latest work:Progresses and Public Processions of Queen Elizabeth I(1821)

Nicolson, William

(1655 – 1727),Church of Ireland bishop of Derry and antiquary

Earliest work:Session 1(1703)

Latest work:Session 13(1718)


(fl. supp. 200 – 400),legendary hero

Earliest work:Unknown(AD 200–400)

Latest work:Unknown(AD 200–400)

Oldham, John

(1653 – 1683),poet

Earliest work:In Obitum(1673)

Latest work:The Eighth Satyr of Monsieur Boileau, Imitated(1682)

Opie, Amelia Alderson

(1769 – 1853),novelist and poet

Earliest work:Sonnet on Visiting Cromer for the First Time Since the Death of My Mother with Whom I used Frequently to Visit it(1791)

Latest work:Oh ye! who come this show to view(1850)

Orderic Vitalis

(1075 – c.1142),Benedictine monk and historian

Earliest work:Gesta Normannorum Ducum: The History of the Dukes of Normandy(1159)

Latest work:Gesta Normannorum Ducum: The History of the Dukes of Normandy(1159)

Osborne, Dorothy, Lady Temple

(1627 – 1695),letter writer

Earliest work:To Sir William Temple (24 December)(1652)

Latest work:The Character of Sr W. Temple(1690)

Otway, Thomas

(1652 – 1685),playwright and poet

Earliest work:Alcibiades(1675)

Latest work:Windsor Castle(1685)


(43 BC – AD 17/18),poet

Earliest work:Amores(16 BC)

Latest work:Epistulae ex Ponto(17)

Palmer, Samuel

(1805 – 1881),landscape painter and etcher

Earliest work:To Samuel Palmer Senior(1814)

Latest work:To [Alfred Herbert Palmer](1881)

Peacock, Thomas Love

(1785 – 1866),satirical novelist and poet

Earliest work:1. To Sarah Peacock, 14 August(1792)

Latest work:336. To Lord Broughton, 7 October(1865)

Peele, George

(bap.1556 – d.1596),poet and playwright

Earliest work:Titus Andronicus(1589)

Latest work:Edward III(1595)

Pepys, Samuel

(1633 – 1703),naval official and diarist

Earliest work:1 S.P. to John Pepys Senior(1663)

Latest work:183 S.P. to Sir J. Lowther(1689)


(AD 34 – 62),poet

Earliest work:Saturae(62)

Latest work:Saturae(62)

Peter of Celle, Bishop of Chartres

(c.1115 – 1183),bishop of Chartres

Earliest work:To Pope Eugenius III, 15 Feb.(1145 × 1147)

Latest work:To Nicholas of St. Albans(1181)


(d. AD 66),writer

Earliest work:Satyricon(AD 66 or before)

Latest work:Satyricon(AD 66 or before)

Philips, Katherine

(1632 – 1664),poet

Earliest work:11 On the 3rd of September, 1651(1651)

Latest work:116 To his Grace Gilbert, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, July 10, 1664(1664)


(428/7 – 347 BC),philosopher

Earliest work:unknown(c.399 BC)

Latest work:Laws(c.360–347 BC)


(c.254 – 184 BC),comic dramatist

Earliest work:unknown(c.205 BC)

Latest work:unknown(before 184 BC)

Pliny the Elder

(AD 23/4 – 79),writer

Earliest work:Naturalis Historia(AD 79)

Latest work:Naturalis Historia(AD 79)

Pliny the Younger

(c.AD 61 – c.112),writer

Earliest work:Panegyricus(AD 100)

Latest work:Epistulae(AD 113)

Pope, Alexander

(1688 – 1744),poet

Earliest work:To Wycherley (26 December)(1704)

Latest work:To Allen (7 May)(1744)

Prior, Matthew

(1664 – 1721),poet and diplomat

Earliest work:On the Marriage of George Prince of Denmark, and the Lady Anne(1683)

Latest work:To Jonathan Swift (25 April)(1721)


(50 – 16 BC),poet

Earliest work:Liber I(28 BC)

Latest work:Liber IV(16 BC)

Pugin, A. W. N.

(1812 – 1852),architect, writer, and designer

Earliest work:To Jane Elizabeth Gough, London, Thursday, 17 June 1830(1830)

Latest work:To John Rouse Bloxam London, Thursday, 26 February 1852?(1852)


(c.AD 35 – c.100),rhetorician

Earliest work:Institutio Oratoria(c.AD 95)

Latest work:Institutio Oratoria(c.AD 95)

Quintus Curtius Rufus

(fl. 1st century AD),historian

Earliest work:Historiae Alexandri Magni(20–120)

Latest work:Historiae Alexandri Magni(20–120)

Reid, Thomas

(1710 – 1796),natural and moral philosopher

Earliest work:An Essay on Quantity(1748)

Latest work:Chemistry(1790)

Richard fitz Nigel, Bishop of London

(c.1130 – 1198),administrator, writer, and bishop of London

Earliest work:Dialogus de Scaccario: The Dialogue of the Exchequer(c.1177–98)

Latest work:Dialogus de Scaccario: The Dialogue of the Exchequer(c.1177–98)

Robert de Torigni, Abbot of Mont-St-Michel

(c.1110 – 1186),chronicler and abbot of Mont-St-Michel

Earliest work:Gesta Normannorum Ducum: The History of the Dukes of Normandy(1159)

Latest work:Gesta Normannorum Ducum: The History of the Dukes of Normandy(1159)


(86 – 35 BC),historian and politician

Earliest work:Bellum Catilinae(c.42/41 BC)

Latest work:Historiae(before 35 BC)

Salluste Du Bartas, Guillaume

(1544 – 1590),poet

Earliest work:The Divine Weeks and Works(1590)

Latest work:The Divine Weeks and Works(1590)

Savile, George, first marquess of Halifax

(1633 – 1695),politician and political writer

Earliest work:A Character of Dr. Burnet(1673)

Latest work:Miscellaneous Thoughts and Reflections(1694)

Saxo Grammaticus

(c.1160 – c.1220),historian, theologian and author

Earliest work:Gesta Danorum: The History of the Danes(c.1208–19)

Latest work:Gesta Danorum: The History of the Danes(c.1208–19)

Schopenhauer, Arthur

(1788 – 1860),philosopher

Earliest work:Weimar, Sonnet(1808)

Latest work:Power of Attraction(1857)

Scott, Walter

(1771 – 1832),poet and novelist

Earliest work:War Song, for the Edinburgh Cavalry Association(1803)

Latest work:Count Robert of Paris(1831)


(after 4 BC – AD 65),philosopher, statesman, and dramatist

Earliest work:unknown(c.AD 35)

Latest work:unknown(before AD 65)

Shakespeare, William

(1564 – 1616),playwright and poet

Earliest work:The Reign of King Edward the Third(1588)

Latest work:Measure for Measure(1623)

Sharp, Robert

(1773 – 1843),diarist and schoolmaster

Earliest work:Robert Sharp and Ann Sharp to William Sharp (1 February)(1813)

Latest work:Diary(1837)

Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft

(1797 – 1851),writer

Earliest work:Journals(1814)

Latest work:Journals(1844)

Shelley, Percy Bysshe

(1792 – 1822),poet

Earliest work:To Miss Kate, Horsham(1803)

Latest work:To Jane Williams, Lerici(1822)

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley

(1751 – 1816),playwright and politician

Earliest work:To Richard Chamberlaine (2 March 1766)(1766)

Latest work:To George Canning (19 June 1816)(1816)

Sheridan, Thomas

(1687 – 1738),schoolmaster and Church of Ireland clergyman

Earliest work:The Intelligencer(1728)

Latest work:To Jonathan Swift (22 June)(1737)

Sidney, Philip

(1554 – 1586),author and courtier

Earliest work:Sidney to Sir William Cecil, Oxford, 12 March 1568/9(1569)

Latest work:The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia(1586)

Sidney, Robert, first earl of Leicester

(1563 – 1626),courtier and poet

Earliest work:The Poems(1597)

Latest work:The Poems(1597)

Silius Italicus

(AD 28 – 103),poet

Earliest work:Punica(AD 102)

Latest work:Punica(AD 102)

Skelton, John

(c.1460 – 1529),poet

Earliest work:The Lament of the Soul of Edward IV(c.1483)

Latest work:From Collyn Clout (1–719; 888-1095; 1118–1269; Epilogue)(c.1521/2)

Smart, Christopher

(1722 – 1771),poet

Earliest work:Carmen CL. Alexandri Pope in S. Cæciliam Latine redditum(1756)

Latest work:V. The Buffoon and Country-Fellow(1764)

Smith, Adam

(bap.1723 – d.1790),moral philosopher and political economist

Earliest work:Of the External Senses(1739)

Latest work:To Thomas Cadell (25 May)(1790)

Smollett, Tobias

(1721 – 1771),writer

Earliest work:Advice: a Satire(1746)

Latest work:The Expedition of Humphry Clinker(1771)


(c.496 – c.406 BC),tragic dramatist

Earliest work:Unknown(480–406 BC)

Latest work:Unknown(480–406 BC)

Southerne, Thomas

(1660 – 1746),playwright

Earliest work:Lisander, or the Soldier of Fortune(1681)

Latest work:To Richard Rawlinson (17 November)(1737)

Southwell, Robert

(1561 – 1595),writer, Jesuit, and martyr

Earliest work:Decease release. Dum morior orior(1587)

Latest work:Lines from a hymn of Prudentius(1592)

Spence, Joseph

(1699 – 1768),literary scholar and anecdotist

Earliest work:With Alexander Pope to Christopher Pitt (2 August)(1751)

Latest work:Observations, Anecdotes, and Characters of Books and Men(1767)

Spenser, Edmund

(1552 – 1599),poet and administrator in Ireland

Earliest work:Epigrams and Sonnets From A Theatre for Worldlings(1569)

Latest work:Prothalamion(1596)

St. John, Henry, styled first Viscount Bolingbroke

(1678 – 1751),politician, diplomatist, and author

Earliest work:Henry. St. John to Swift 7 January 1711 London(1711)

Latest work:A Memoir of the Duke of Berwick(1736)

Stanley, Thomas

(1625 – 1678),poet and classical scholar

Earliest work:Poems from Manuscript(1646)

Latest work:Ode XXVII / Meditations upon Death after the (1657)


(c.AD 50 – 96),poet

Earliest work:Thebaid(AD 91–2)

Latest work:Silvae(AD 96)

Steele, Richard

(bap.1672 – d.1729),writer and politician

Earliest work:To Katherine Gascoigne(1684)

Latest work:To Mary Steele (22 July)(1728)

Stephen, James Fitzjames, first baronet

(1829 – 1894),judge and writer

Earliest work:Mr Gurney's Historical Sketches(1856)

Latest work:From letters to Mary Stephen on the Maybrick trial (August)(1889)

Stephens, William

(1672 – 1753),politician and colonial official

Earliest work:Journal of his Mission to South Carolina in 1736 for Colonel Samuel Horsey(1736)

Latest work:December 31. Tuesday(1745)

Sterne, Laurence

(1713 – 1768),writer and Church of England clergyman

Earliest work:To John Dealtary (20 November)(1739)

Latest work:To Anne James (15 March)(1768)

Stevenson, Robert Louis

(1850 – 1894),writer

Earliest work:Prince Otto: A Romance(1884)

Latest work:Prince Otto: A Romance(1884)

Stuart, Elizabeth, Princess Elizabeth

(1596 – 1662),queen of Bohemia and electress palatine, consort of Frederick V

Earliest work:1. Elizabeth [at Coombe Abbey?] to Henry Frederick(1603)

Latest work:621. Elizabeth in The Hague to Roe [in St Martin's Lane](1642)

Suckling, John

(bap.1609 – d.?1641),poet

Earliest work:Juvenile Religious and Christmas-Seasonal Poems(1626)

Latest work:The Earl of Newcastle, 8 January [1641 (?)] (holograph)(1641)


(c.AD 70 – c.130),biographer

Earliest work:unknown(AD 90–130)

Latest work:unknown(AD 90–130)

Swift, Jonathan

(1667 – 1745),writer and dean of St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

Earliest work:A description of Mother Ludwell's cave(1680)

Latest work:To Eaton Stannard (8 June 1741)(1741)

Symons, Arthur

(1865 – 1945),literary scholar and author

Earliest work:From 'Days and Nights'(1889)

Latest work:From 'Unspiritual Adventures in Paris'(1931)

Symson, Joseph

(1650 – 1731),mercer, shopkeeper, and mayor of Kendal

Earliest work:[Al] To: Sir Daniel Fleming; Kendal, 10 April, 1692(1692)

Latest work:[2141] To: Mr. William Carr, [illegible] in Settle; Kendal, 31 March, 1720(1720)


(AD 56/7 – after 113),historian

Earliest work:Agricola(AD 98)

Latest work:Ab Excessu Divi Augusti(c.AD 120)

Taylor, Jeremy

(bap.1613 – d.1667),Church of Ireland bishop of Down and Connor and religious writer

Earliest work:Holy Living(1650)

Latest work:Holy Dying(1651)

Temple, Peter

(c.1517 – 1578),lawyer and grazier

Earliest work:Account Book(1543)

Latest work:Account Book(1555)

Temple, William

(1628 – 1699),diplomat and author

Earliest work:A True Romance or The Disastrous Chances of Love and Fortune(1648)

Latest work:Upon My Lady Giffard's Loory(1680)

Tennyson, Alfred, first Baron Tennyson

(1809 – 1892),poet

Earliest work:In Memoriam(1850)

Latest work:In Memoriam(1850)


(c.190 – c.159 BC),comic dramatist

Earliest work:Andria(166 BC)

Latest work:Adelphoe(160 BC)

Thomas of Marlborough, Abbot of Evesham

(?1160 – 1236),historian, lawyer, and abbot of Evesham

Earliest work:History of the Abbey of Evesham(c.1224–30)

Latest work:Submission to yearly visitation by the Archbishop of Canterbury(1233)

Thomson, James

(1700 – 1748),poet

Earliest work:Juvenilia(1716)

Latest work:A Poem To The Memory Of The Right Honourable The Lord Talbot(1737)

Thrale, Hester Lynch

(1741 – 1821),writer

Earliest work:Thraliana(1775)

Latest work:Thraliana(1809)


(c.50 – 19 BC),poet

Earliest work:Liber Primus(27 BC)

Latest work:Liber Secundus(19 BC)

Timrod, Henry

(1829 – 1867),poet

Earliest work:Sonnet: Poet! If on a lasting fame(1849)

Latest work:In Memoriam — Harris Simons(1867)

Tone, Theobald Wolfe

(1763 – 1798),Irish nationalist and political writer

Earliest work:Tone's report on the accounts of the Historical Society of Trinity College, Dublin, 21 December 1785(1785)

Latest work:To Major William Sandys, 18 November 1798(1798)

Tonson, Jacob

(1655/6 – 1736),bookseller

Earliest work:Tonson to [Narcissus Luttrell](1680)

Latest work:Tonson to Jacob Tonson the Younger [Ledbury,](1734)

Tonson, Jacob

(1682 – 1735),publisher

Earliest work:To Alexander Pope (20 April)(1706)

Latest work:To Alexander Pope (18 November)(1731)