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Traherne, Thomas

(c.1637 – 1674),poet and writer

Earliest work:The Church's Year Book(1673)

Latest work:The Church's Year Book(1673)

Trollope, Anthony

(1815 – 1882),novelist

Earliest work:To Richard Bentley. 24 May 1835(1835)

Latest work:To Lord Emly. 27 October(1882)

Turner, Joseph Mallord William

(1775 – 1851),landscape and history painter

Earliest work:Diary of a Tour in Part of Wales(1792)

Latest work:Turner to Charles Stokes(1851)

Turner, Thomas

(1729 – 1793),diarist and shopkeeper

Earliest work:The Diary: 1754(1754)

Latest work:The Diary: 1765(1765)

Usk, Adam

(c.1350 – 1430),historian

Earliest work:The Chronicle(1421)

Latest work:The Will(1430)

Valerius Flaccus

(d.AD 90),poet

Earliest work:Argonautica(90)

Latest work:Argonautica(90)

Valerius Maximus

(fl. c.AD 14 – c.37),writer

Earliest work:Facta et Dicta Memorabilia(AD 14)

Latest work:Facta et Dicta Memorabilia(AD 37)

Vaughan, Henry

(1621 – 1695),writer and translator of devotional works

Earliest work:Poems, with the tenth Satire of Juvenal Englished(1646)

Latest work:To John Aubrey (9 October)(1694)

Vaughan, Thomas

(1621 – 1666),hermetic philosopher and alchemist

Earliest work:Anthroposophia Theomagica(1650)

Latest work:Dedito Castro, et pactione exclusus per (1678)


(fl. late 4th/early 5th century AD),military writer

Earliest work:Epitoma rei militaris (383–c.450)

Latest work:Digesta Artis Mulomedicinae(c.380–c.450)

Very, Jones

(1813 – 1880),poet, essayist, and clergyman

Earliest work:O heaven born muse! inspire my humble lay(1833)

Latest work:The Influence of Channing(1880)

Villiers, George, second duke of Buckingham

(1628 – 1687),politician and wit

Earliest work:Sir Politick Would-be(1662)

Latest work:Part of an Ode of Horace Paraphrazed(1680)


(70 – 19 BC),poet

Earliest work:Eclogues(39 BC)

Latest work:Aeneid(19 BC)

Wake, William

(1657 – 1737),archbishop of Canterbury

Earliest work:Bishop Wake's Summary of Visitation Returns from the Diocese of Lincoln 1706–1715(1715)

Latest work:William Wake to Joseph Addison (31 December 1717)(1717)

Wallis, John

(1616 – 1703),mathematician and cryptographer

Earliest work:To Henry Darley (20 April)(1641)

Latest work:An exchange of letters with Johann Konrad Ammann on the method of teaching the deaf (30 January)(1700)

Walsingham, Thomas

(d. c. 1422),historian and prior of Wymondham

Earliest work:The St Albans Chronicle: Chronica Maiora(1422)

Latest work:The St Albans Chronicle: Chronica Maiora(1422)

Walton, Izaak

(1593 – 1683),author and biographer

Earliest work:An Elegy upon Dr Donne(1633)

Latest work:The Compleat Angler(1673)

Walwyn, William

(bap.1600 – d.1681),Leveller and medical practitioner

Earliest work:A New Petition of the Papists(1641)

Latest work:Last Will and Testament(1681)

Wanley, Humfrey

(1672 – 1726),Old English scholar and librarian

Earliest work:To Arthur Charlett (15 October)(1694)

Latest work:To Giovanni Zamboni (9 March)(1726)

Wesley, Charles

(1707 – 1788),Church of England clergyman and a founder of Methodism

Earliest work:20 January 1728: Oxford, to John Wesley(1728)

Latest work:25 December 1756: Bristol, to Martha Hall(1756)

Whiting, Nathaniel

(1611/2 – 1682),satirist and nonconformist minister

Earliest work:The Pleasing History of Albino and Bellama(1638)

Latest work:The Pleasing History of Albino and Bellama(1638)

Whittier, John Greenleaf

(1807 – 1892),poet and slavery abolitionist

Earliest work:The Exile's Departure(1825)

Latest work:To Oliver Wendell Holmes(1892)

Wilde, Oscar

(1854 – 1900),writer

Earliest work:Historical Criticism Notebook(1879)

Latest work:The Incomparable and Ingenious History of Mr. W. H.(1893–4)

Wilkins, George

(d.1618),playwright and pamphleteer

Earliest work:Pericles(1608)

Latest work:Pericles(1608)

William of Jumièges

(fl. 1026 – 1070),Benedictine monk and author

Earliest work:Gesta Normannorum Ducum: The History of the Dukes of Normandy(c.1070)

Latest work:Gesta Normannorum Ducum: The History of the Dukes of Normandy(c.1070)

William of Malmesbury

(b. c.1090 – d. in or after 1142),historian, man of letters, and Benedictine monk

Earliest work:Gesta Pontificum Anglorum: The History of the English Bishops(1125)

Latest work:Historia Novella: The Contemporary History(1142)

Wilmot, John, second earl of Rochester

(1647 – 1680),poet and courtier

Earliest work:Love Dialogues(1674)

Latest work:Sodom and Gomorah(1679)

Winstanley, Gerrard

(bap.1609 – d.1676),author and Digger

Earliest work:Several Pieces Gathered into One Volume Set Forth in Five Books(1648)

Latest work:Letter to Lady Eleanor Douglas(1650)

Wordsworth, Dorothy

(1771 – 1855),writer

Earliest work:D. W. to Jane Pollard (July)(1787)

Latest work:D. W. to M.W. (22 October)(1850)

Wordsworth, William

(1770 – 1850),poet

Earliest work:I Extract from the Conclusion of a Poem Composed in Anticipation of Leaving School(1787)

Latest work:2131. W.W. to John Pringle Nichol(1850)

Wyatt, Thomas

(c.1503 – 1542),poet and ambassador

Earliest work:The Quiet of Mind(1528)

Latest work:Wyatt's Declaration(1541)

Wycherley, William

(bap.1641 – d.1716),playwright

Earliest work:Love in a Wood(1660)

Latest work:The Plain-Dealer(1677)