October 2022 - New titles

October 20, 2022

Four new scholarly editions have been added to the Classics wing of Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (OSEO) this month.

Highlights of this update include the introduction of recent scholarship on Latin Prose and Verse, including Silius Italicus: Punica, Cornelius Nepos: The Commanders of the Fifth Century BCE, Seneca: De Beneficiis and Cicero: Post Reditum Speeches, which were published in print throughout 2021 and 2022.

This brings the total number of editions by Classical authors available online to over 380.

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Explore samples of the new content:


Cornelius Nepos: Lysander 1

Cornelius Neops: Lysander, 1

Cicero: Post reditum speechest, Testimonia

Cicero: Post Reditum Speches, Testimonia

Seneca's De Beneficiis

Robert A. Kaster, Studies on the Text of Seneca's De Beneficiis, 1.1


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