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editions (texts in homeric greek)

Demetrius Chalcondyles, editio princeps, Florence, 1488

W. Leaf, Iliad (London, 1886–1888; 2d ed. 1900–1902)

D. B. Monro and T. W. Allen, Homeri Opera (5 volumes, 2d ed., Oxford, 1912)

H. van Thiel, Homeri Ilias (Hildesheim, 1996)

M. L. West, Homeri Ilias, 2 volumes (Munich/Leipzig, 1998–2000)

selected english translations

Lang, W. Leaf, E. Myers, The Iliad (London, 1883)

S. Butler, The Iliad (London, 1898)

A. T. Murray, Homer: Iliad, 2 volumes (London, 1924); revised by William F. Wyatt (Cambridge, MA, 1999)

R. Lattimore, The Iliad (Chicago, 1951)

R. Fitzgerald, The Iliad (New York, 1974)

R. Fagles, The Iliad (New York, 1990)

S. Lombardo, Iliad (Indianapolis, 1997)

general works on homer

F. A. Wolf, Prolegomena ad Homerum (Halle, 1795; English translation, Princeton, NJ, 1985)

A. J. B. Wace and F. H. Stubbings, A Companion to Homer (London, 1962)

G. S. Kirk, The Songs of Homer (Cambridge, UK, 1962)

A. Heubeck, Die homerische Frage (Darmstadt, 1974)

I. Morris and B. B. Powell, A New Companion to Homer (Leiden, 1997)

J. Latacz, Troy and Homer: Towards a Solution of an Old Mystery (Oxford, 2004)

R. Fowler (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Homer (Cambridge, UK, 2004).

B. B. Powell, Homer (2d ed., Malden/Oxford, 2007)

M. Finkelberg, The Homer Encyclopedia (Malden/Oxford, 2011)

influential readings and interpretations

U. von Wilamowitz-Möllendorff, Die Ilias und Homer (Berlin, 1916)

E. Auerbach, Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature (Princeton, NJ, 1953; orig. publ. in German, Bern, 1946), Chapter 1

J. T. Kakridis, Homeric Researches (London, 1949)

J. Griffin, Homer on Life and Death (Oxford, 1980)

S. Schein, The Mortal Hero: An Introduction to Homer's Iliad (Berkeley, 1984)

M. W. Edwards, Homer, Poet of the Iliad (Baltimore, 1987)

pg 570commentaries

G. S. Kirk (gen. ed.), The Iliad: A Commentary (6 vols., Cambridge, 1985–1993)

J. Latacz (gen. ed.), Homers Ilias. Gesamtkommentar. Auf der Grundlage der Ausgabe von Ameis-Hentze-Cauer (1868–1913) (6 volumes published so far of an estimated 15, Munich/Leipzig, 2002–)

text and transmission

T. W. Allen, Homer: The Origins and Transmission (Oxford, 1924)

J. A. Davison, "The Transmission of the Text," in A. J. B. Wace and F. H. Stubbings, A Companion to Homer (London, 1962), pp.215–233

M. L. West, Studies in the Text and Transmission of the Iliad (Munich, 2001)

homer and oral tradition

A. B. Lord, The Singer of Tales (1960; 2d edition, Cambridge, MA, 2000)

M. Parry (intro. by A. Parry), The Making of Homeric Verse (Oxford, 1971)

G. S. Kirk, Homer and the Oral Tradition (Cambridge, UK, 1976)

E. Bakker, Poetry in Speech: Orality and Homeric Discourse (Ithaca, NY, 1997)

J. M. Foley, Homer's Traditional Art (University Park, PA, 1999)

B. B. Powell, Writing and the Origins of Greek Literature (Cambridge, UK, 2003)

dating the homeric poems

R. Janko, Homer, Hesiod and the Hymns (Cambridge, UK, 1982)

B. B. Powell, Homer and the Origin of the Greek Alphabet (Cambridge, UK, 1991)

homer and the near east

M. L. West, The East Face of Helicon (Oxford, 1997)

B. Louden, The Iliad: Structure, Myth, and Meaning (Baltimore, 2006)

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