New links added between OSEO and the OED

January 13, 2017

In addition to the recent look-up function with the Oxford English Dictionary, we are very pleased to announce that over 55,573 new reciprocal links have been added to OSEO and the OED, spanning 67 scholarly editions and works by 17 authors including Shakespeare, Milton, Fielding, Wordsworth, and Austen.

What are the new links from the OED?

Each new link from the OED is based on a quotation of an early, important, or otherwise significant usage of a word. For example the OED entry for ‘fashionable’ quotes Troilus and Cressida 3.3.165, as the first use of the word in the sense 4. a. of persons following fashions of dress or behaviour.

From the OED website, if you click on the open book symbol OSEO will provide you with the quote from Troilus & Cressida. If you have a subscription to both OSEO and the OED, you can also travel from here to the full text in OSEO.




What are the new links from OSEO?

From the text of Troilus and Cressida within OSEO we provide the reciprocal link, from the line containing the word ‘fashionable’ to the specific sense quoted in the OED. This link appears in the extras pane.

The triangle icon of the right of the line signifies that an ‘extra’ link is available, in this case an OED definition. Again, if you have access to both OSEO and the OED, you can jump straight through to the OED entry. The extras pane can be opened or closed at a single click.




Will more links be added in the future?

Yes. These reciprocal links are the result of an on-going partnership between OSEO and the OED. We are planning to expand our linking programme, until the majority of cited works featured on OSEO are included. Due to the prominence of the works and authors on OSEO, and their frequent roles in shaping the English language, many new connections will be established. The next update will add links to works by authors including Lord Byron, Samuel Butler, Wordsworth, Dryden, Ben Jonson, and Thomas Brown.


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