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Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Modern Critical Edition

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pg 9623.3Sc. 16

Editor’s NoteEnter Charles the Dauphin, Bastard, Alençon, [and] Reignier
Editor’s Note1

Charles the Dauphin Saint Denis bless this happy stratagem,

2And once again we'll sleep secure in Rouen.

Editor’s Note3

Bastard Here entered Pucelle and her practisants.

4Now she is there, how will she specify

5'Here is the best and safest passage in'?


Reignier By thrusting out a torch from yonder tower—

Editor’s Note7Which, once discerned, shows that her meaning is

Editor’s Note8No way to that, for weakness, which she entered.

Editor’s NoteEnter Joan la Pucelle on the top, thrusting out a torch burning

Joan la Pucelle Behold, this is the happy wedding torch

10That joineth Rouen unto her countrymen,

Editor’s Note11But burning fatal to the Talbotites.


Bastard See, noble Charles, the beacon of our friend:

13The burning torch in yonder turret stands.

Editor’s Note14

Charles the Dauphin Now shine it like a comet of revenge,

Editor’s Note15A prophet to the fall of all our foes!


Reignier Defer no time; delays have dangerous ends.

Editor’s Note17Enter and cry, 'The Dauphin!', presently,

Editor’s Note18And then do execution on the watch.

Alarum. [Exeunt]

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Editor’s Note
3.3.0 Enter Charles the Dauphin … Reignier accompanied by soldiers?
Editor’s Note
3.3.1 Saint Denis (patron saint of France)
Editor’s Note
3.3.3 practisants conspirators
Editor’s Note
3.3.7 that what
Editor’s Note
3.3.8 No way … weakness no gate compares in weakness with that (and thus the Lords should attack as Joan planned, 3.2.7–9)
Editor’s Note Enter … burning Joan may be in the above space, or on another raised platform.
Editor’s Note
3.3.11 Talbotites followers of Talbot
Editor’s Note
3.3.14 shine it may it shine
Editor’s Note
3.3.15 A prophet to prophesying
Editor’s Note
3.3.17 presently at once
Editor’s Note
3.3.18 do execution on the watch kill the sentinels
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