William Shakespeare

Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan (eds), The New Oxford Shakespeare: Modern Critical Edition

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pg 2838Editor’s Note47

  • Editor’s Note1Betwixt mine eye and heart a league is took,
  • 2And each doth good turns now unto the other.
  • 3When that mine eye is famished for a look,
  • 4Or heart in love with sighs himself doth smother,
  • 5With my love's picture then my eye doth feast,
  • 6And to the painted banquet bids my heart.
  • 7Another time mine eye is my heart's guest,
  • 8And in his thoughts of love doth share a part.
  • 9So either by thy picture or my love,
  • Editor’s Note10Thyself away art present still with me;
  • 11For thou not farther than my thoughts canst move,
  • 12And I am still with them, and they with thee;
  • 13    Or if they sleep, thy picture in my sight
  • 14    Awakes my heart to heart's and eye's delight.

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Editor’s Note
47.title This sonnet links with 46.
Editor’s Note
47.1 league … took truce is made
Editor’s Note
47.10, 12 still constantly
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