Getting Started

This Getting Started guide highlights the main ways to find, read, and use OSEO's content.

  • Full help text is available from anywhere on the site, or you can watch our quick how to videos.
  • Do you have a question about using the site, or its content? Take a look at our FAQs page.

OSEO is designed to complement the print editions, whilst providing bespoke online functionality. To retain continuity with the print editions, you can still go straight to any page, the content and significant lineation are unchanged, and you can see a pdf of any page. In addition, OSEO offers many online benefits, including texts, notes, and 'extras' appearing side by side, a 'read with' function allowing you to compare two texts at once, as well as advanced searching and linking capabilities.

  • You can view all editions by choosing Browse Editions
  • You can view all authors (and their works) by choosing Browse Authors
  • You can view all high-level works by choosing Browse Works. Many of these high-level works contain multiple subworks: for example, Donne's Elegies appears on this list, and not each elegy separately.

Within a work:

  • Move through the play with the arrows  at the top of the page.
  • You can expand and collapse the 'notes' and 'extras' panes by dragging the vertical grey dividers across the screen, navigate with the circle and triangle icons, or shut them with the 'panels' icon on the top-left of the screen.
  • Watch the video on how to easily find and view notes directly alongside the text.




  • The three tabs on the left help you navigate around the work or edition. The 'magnifying glass' lets you search, jump to a print page, see the original pdf, or jump to a specific location (enter 3.3.57 if you want to go to Act III, Scene iii, line 57).
  • At the top right of the tool bar you'll find pdf and printer icons. Discover more about generating a PDF using a short video.
  • If you highlight some text and choose ‘Copy and cite’ from the pop up menu, you’ll be able to automatically add a citation and URL to the text you highlighted.

Returning to the homepage:

Return to the homepage by clicking on Oxford Scholarly Editions Online on the top-left, or the home icon at top-right. The homepage also features several search functions:

  • Quick search for works, titles, authors, and full text
  • Advanced Search for more precise text and date searching
  • Find Location in Text for specific references and locations in a text, i.e. "Shakespeare / Winter's Tale / 3.3.57", or "Shakespeare / Sonnet 18". Discover how to jump straight into content by watching a short video.


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The classics:

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