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Site header


Across the top of the screen is the Site header which contains links to administrative and information resources. These appear on every page.

About links to information about OSEO.

News is information about current updates and developments.

Subscriber Services provides help and contact details for questions about your subscription, and account management facilities for library administrators.

Take a Tour takes you on a tour of the key feautures of OSEO.

Contact Us tells you how to contact customer services with your feedback.

Help opens these Help pages. The Help always opens at the section appropriate to the part of OSEO you are using.

You can return to the Home page from any other part of OSEO by clicking on the Oxford Scholarly Editions Online logo.

Search panel

To run a quick search, type it into the Search box and click  or press Enter.

More information on searching:

Quick search

Advanced search

Find location in text

Browse panel

OSEO homepage

The Browse panel is just below the search panel. You can browse the contents of the library by:

  • Authors (e.g. John Donne), listed alphabetically.
  • Works (e.g. The Divine Poems). The works list can be filtered by genre, date of work, author, language, date of edition, and editor
  • Editions (e.g. 1978 2nd edn, edited by Helen Gardner). The Editions list can be filtered by editions by genre, author, date of edition, series, and editor.

Choose the option you want by clicking on it.
To switch between browse modes (e.g. from browsing by author, to browsing by work), click browsebuttonimage and choose the option you want from the drop down menu or clicking on one of the images.

If you want to restrict your experience of the site to Classics editions only, click on OSEO Classics, where you can browse Classical Authors, Works and Editions only.


More information on browsing:

Browsing authors

Browsing works

Browsing editions

Other resources

Your search history


  Click for a list of the authors/works/editions you have viewed most recently. Return to any of the books on the list by selecting it. ; Click for a list of the searches you have run so far. Select any of the searches in the list to view its results.

The library module


The library module gives you information about your OSEO account. It appears on every page. Click  to open it. To close it again click  .


The name of your account is at the top of the box.

To sign out from the library, click signoutfromlibrarybarimg .

You can use the library module to run a search via Google Preview, or any other library made available by your library administrator.

1. Type or paste the term you want to find in the Search box.


2. Select the library you want to search (e.g. Google Preview) from the list.

3. Click  or press Enter.

4. The results of your search are displayed in another window.

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