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This part of the Help is designed to get you searching and browsing with OSEO right away. It covers:

Quick search



Quick search

To find a specific term:

1. Type or paste the term you want to find in the Search box.


2. Click  or press Enter.

3. The results of your search are displayed.

4. Click on any of the items in the list to view it.



The matching books are listed on the results page(s).

The number of results appears at the top of the list.

Each result consists of the name of the matching work, the editor and title of the edition in which it appears, its date of online publication, and a snapshot of the matching text.

To view any work, click on its title. It is displayed in a reading view.


The Main Text is in the middle with the Navigation pane on the left and Notes on the right. Your search term is highlighted.

There are a number of different ways of viewing and sorting results. You can:

  • restrict results to work text or editorial text, or specific parts within these categories
  • narrow your choices by genre, date of work, author, language, date of edition, series, or editor

More information:


Work page


You can browse authors, works, or editions:

1. If you are on the Home page, click Browse Authors, Browse Works, or Browse Editions in the Browse panel. From any other page, click  browsebuttonimg and make your choice.

2. An alphabetical list of authors, works, or editions is displayed.

3. Browse the list using the cursor or by selecting a page number. To move directly to a particular name, work, or edition, type it into the Jump to: box and click .

4. To open any item, click on it.

5. What happens next depends on whether you are browsing authors, works or editions.


If you are browsing authors

The Author page with a list of works is displayed. Click on any of the works to open it.


If you are browsing works

Click on the work’s title and it is opened on the Work page. Click on the edition title and it is opened on the Edition page.


If you are browsing editions

Details of the edition are displayed on the Edition page. Click on any of the sections in the table of contents to open it.

More information on browsing:

Browsing authors

Browsing works

Browsing editions


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