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Browsing by authors

Moving around the Browse list

Narrowing your choices

Outputting the Browse list

Browsing by authors

1. If you are on the Home page, click Browse Authors. From any other page, click browsingbuttonimage and choose Browse Authors.

2. An alphabetical list of authors is displayed. Each record consists of the author’s name, his/her dates and profession, as well as details of their earliest and latest works included in OSEO.

3. Browse the list using the cursor or by selecting a page number. To move directly to a particular name, type it into the Jump to: box and click .

4. To open any item, click on it.

5. The Author page with a list of works is displayed. Click on any of the works to open it.


If you want to restrict your experience of the site to Classics editions only, click on OSEO Classics, where you can browse Classical Authors only.

Moving around the Browse list

Moving between pages

The number of pages is shown at the top and bottom of the list on the right. To move to any of the numbered pages, click on it.

Items per page

The standard number of items is 10 per page, but you can alter this up to a maximum of 100.

Sorting the list

The entries in the list are listed alphabetically by author name.

You can also choose to order them by:

· Author Name - Z to A

· Active date (newest first)

· Active date (oldest first)

Narrowing your choices

You can narrow down your results by gender. Check Male or Female and click . The list is updated and gender is added to the search terms at the top of the Browse list:

To revert back to the previous list, click the .

To toggle between displaying and hiding the gender options, click the appropriate  or .

Outputting the Browse list


To print the current list, click . A printable version is displayed in your browser.

Sending an email link

To send an email link to the current list (regardless of whether the recipient has a subscription), click . Fill in the details as appropriate. The email will contain a link to the current list only, which will be valid for the next two weeks.

Social bookmarking

To share a link to the current list on any of over 300 sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Googlemail, etc.), click  and choose one of the options.

Changing text size

To toggle between standard and large text display, use .



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