David Lewis

C. H. Herford, Percy Simpson, and Evelyn Simpson (eds), Ben Jonson, Vol. 11: Commentary; Jonson's Literary Record; Supplementary Notes; Index

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XLV. DAVID LEWIS (?)On Ben Johnson's Bust, lately set-up in Westminster Abby,with the Buttons on the wrong Side.

  • 1ORare Ben Johnson! what, a Turn-coat grown?
  • 2Thou ne'er wert such, till thou wert clad in Stone:
  • 3When Time thy Coat, thy only Coat impairs,
  • 4Thou'lt find a Patron in a hundred Years:
  • 5Then let not this Mistake disturb thy Sprite,
  • 6Another Age shall set thy Buttons right.

From Miscellaneous Poems, 1726, p. 148. The bust was placed in the Abbey by Edward Harley, second Earl of Oxford.

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