Madeline House and Graham Storey (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 1: 1820–1839

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pg xxxiiiEditor’s NoteAcknowledgments

To the Pilgrim Trustees, without whose generosity this edition would not have been possible, we owe more than we can express. Their original support was given to Humphry House, and in continuing to help us since his death they have shown great faith in the project. For this, and for their patience when progress was slow, we are deeply grateful.

Next, we must thank Mr Henry C. Dickens, eldest grandson of Charles Dickens and owner of the copyright in his letters, who has generously given us permission to use unpublished material, and has allowed us frequent access to the Dickens papers in his possession. We are grateful also to Dickens's other two grandsons, Admiral Sir Gerald Dickens and Major Philip Dickens, for kindly permitting us to see the letters they own.

Our debt of gratitude to our Associate Editors is very great indeed: to Professor Kathleen Tillotson for the invaluable material she has contributed out of her immense knowledge of Dickens and his period, and for much detailed criticism; to Dr K. J. Fielding for all his work in the early stages of this edition; to Mr Philip Collins for his substantial contribution to the notes on the major figures in this volume; and, above all, to Mr W. J. Carlton, the fruits of whose tireless research are apparent on almost every page, and whose co-operation has been a mainstay of the edition since work on it began. To Mr James Thornton, our indexer and a member of our Editorial Committee, we are very greatly indebted for wise advice and help of many different kinds.

We are most grateful to all the members of our Advisory Board. Mr Leslie Staples, editor of the Dickensian, has helped unfailingly throughout. We thank Professor John Butt for valuable advice; Dr A. N. L. Munby for approaching numerous libraries on our behalf; and Mrs Zoë Girling for six months' gallant typing from microfilm. We owe much to the American members of our Board: to Professor Ada B. Nisbet for her help in the Huntington Library; to Professor Edgar Johnson and Professor Franklin P. Rolfe for generously lending transcripts; and to Mr Noel C. Peyrouton for his indefatigable work, combing American catalogues for letters and supplying valuable material for the annotation of Dickens's visit to America in 1842. We are grateful to Professor Sylvère Monod, to Professor Mario Praz and to Professor H. W. Häusermann for their sympathetic interest, and look forward to their help with the annotation of Dickens's visits to France, Italy and Switzerland. Finally our thanks are due to Sir Maurice Bowra for his help as a member of our Editorial Committee, and to Professor Thomas W. Copeland, editor of the The Letters of Thomas Burke, who has read our proofs, and from whose experience and advice we have gained a great deal.

pg xxxivIn an edition of this size and scope, including nearly 12,000 letters scattered over five continents, our debts both to individuals and to institutions are so numerous that it is impossible to acknowledge them in as much detail as we should like. But special mention must be made of certain collections.

The most important collection in private hands is that of Comte Alain de Suzannet, for whose interest and generosity we shall always be grateful. His death in 1950 was a severe loss to the edition, but we are deeply indebted to his widow, Comtesse de Suzannet, for her help and many kindnesses. Another loss was the death of Mr D. Jacques Benoliel, whom we remember with great gratitude. He had unreservedly placed at our disposal his large and growing collection,1 and was a most kind and enthusiastic helper of the edition. We are also greatly in the debt of Colonel Richard Gimbel, another notable Dickens collector, for his generosity in making accessible to us his very fine collection.

The majority of Dickens's letters are now in public libraries and institutions. The most outstanding collection is that of the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York; and we are extremely grateful to its Director, Mr F. B. Adams, Jnr, for the interest he has taken in our work, and to Mr Herbert Cahoon, Curator of Manuscripts, for his thoughtfulness and cooperation over the years. For access to the great collection in the Henry E. Huntington Library, and for help in many ways, our thanks are due to its Director, to Mr Herbert C. Schulz, Curator of MSS, and to Mr Tyrus G. Harmsen. To Dr John D. Gordan, Curator of the Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection in the New York Public Library,2 we are greatly indebted for permission to print the important unpublished letters in his care and for his kindness in answering our many queries. The Free Library of Philadelphia is still adding to its already splendid collection of Dickens letters; and we are most grateful to Miss Ellen Shaffer, Rare Book Librarian, Mr Howell J. Heaney, Bibliographer, and other members of the staff for their untiring co-operation.

Our debt to the Directors and Trustees of many British libraries and institutions is very great. No work of this sort would be possible without the British Museum; and no work on Dickens without the remarkable Forster Collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Both have important collections of Dickens letters; and we have received from their staffs unfailing courtesy and helpfulness—as we have from the staff of the Cambridge University Library. The largest collection of Dickens letters in England is in Dickens House, London, and we are grateful to the Trustees for allowing us access to them and to Miss Doris Minards for her patient help.

To the authorities of the following institutions we also gratefully pg xxxvacknowledge permission to publish MSS in their possession and the help they have readily given us:

American Academy of Arts & Letters; Universiteits-Bibliotheek, Amersterdam; Andersen House, Odense; Auckland Public Libraries; Royal Australian Historical Society; Aylesbury County Museum.

Bergen University Library, Norway; Birmingham Public Libraries; Birthplace Museum, Portsmouth; Bodleian Library; the Bodmer Library, Geneva; Boston Athenaeum; Boston Dickens Fellowship; Boston Public Library; Bowdoin College Library, Brunswick, Maine; Brotherton Library, Leeds, and Mr B. S. Page; Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania; Buffalo & Erie County Public Library, N.Y.; Burns Memorial Museum & Library, Kilmarnock.

University of California, Los Angeles; Public Archives of Canada; Carlisle Public Library, Museum & Art Gallery; Chapin Library, Williams College, Massachusetts; Chicago Historical Society; Chicago University Library; City Library Association, Springfield, Massachusetts; William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California; Clifton College Library; Colby College, Waterville, Maine; Colgate University Library, Hamilton, N.Y.; Columbia University Libraries, New York; Comédie Française Archives; Commercial Travellers' Schools; Library of Congress; Royal Library of Copenhagen; Thomas Coram Foundation for Children; Cornell University Library, and Dr Stephen A. McCarthy.

Dartmouth College, New Hampshire; Edward L. Doheny Memorial Library, California; Doncaster Art Gallery & Museum; Duke University Library, North Carolina; Dunedin Public Library, New Zealand.

Eastgate House, Rochester, and Mr J. C. Taylor; Edinburgh Central Library; Exeter University Library.

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge; Folger Shakespeare Library.

The Garrick Club; Glasgow University Library; Governesses' Benevolent Institution; Gravesend Public Library; Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children; Guildhall Library, London.

Halle-on-Saale University Library, Germany; Hamilton College Library, Clinton, N.Y.; Houghton Library, Harvard, and Professor William A. Jackson; Haverford College Library, Pennsylvania.

Indiana University Libraries; Institute of Russian Literature, Leningrad; Institution of Electrical Engineers, London; State University of Iowa Libraries.

University of Kentucky Libraries; King's College, Cambridge; King's School, Canterbury.

Lancaster Public Library; Lenin Library, Moscow; Leningrad Public Library; Lesley College Library, Boston; Lincolnshire Archives Committee; Liverpool Public Libraries; University College Library, London; Longfellow House, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Maine Historical Society; Manchester Central Library; Manchester University Library; Massachusetts Historical Society; the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple; Mills College, Oakland, California; pg xxxviMinnesota Historical Society; Missouri Historical Society; Mitchell Library, Glasgow; Mitchell Library, Sydney; State Historical Museum, Moscow.

National Trust, Hughenden Manor; Newark Public Library, New Jersey; Newberry Library, Chicago, and Mr James Wells; Newcastle-upon-Tyne City Libraries; New Jersey Historical Society; Newnham College, Cambridge; Public Library of New South Wales; New York Public Library; New York University Library; University of North Carolina Library; Norwich Public Libraries; Nottingham University Library.

Historical & Philosophical Society of Ohio; Omaha Public Library; University of Oregon Library; Oswestry Public Library.

Peabody Institute Library, Maryland; Historical Society of Pennsylvania; Perkins Institution for the Blind, Watertown, Massachusetts; Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation, Inc., and Dr Eleanor L. Nicholes; Players Club Library, New York; Portsmouth Central Library, and Mr H. Sargeant; Princeton University Library, and Mr Alexander D. Wainwright; Public Record Office, Copenhagen; Public Record Office, London; Public Record Office, Stockholm; Queen's University Library, Kingston, Ontario.

Redpath Library, McGill University, Montreal; Richmond Public Library, Surrey; Philip H. & A. S. W. Rosenbach Foundation, and Mr William H. McCarthy, Jnr.; Royal Academy of Arts; Royal College of Surgeons Library; Royal Engineers Depot, Barton Stacey, Hants; Royal Literary Fund, and Mr John Broadbent; Russell Sage College Library, Troy, N.Y.; Rutgers University Library, New Jersey; John Rylands Library, Manchester.

St Lawrence University Library, Canton, N.Y.; St Pancras Public Libraries; Saltykov-Shchedrin Public Library, Leningrad; National Library of Scotland; Seattle Public Library; Shaftesbury Society; Shakespeare Memorial Library, Stratford-on-Avon; Society of Antiquaries, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Somerville College, Oxford; Southwark Public Libraries; the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers; Stoke Newington Central Library; Sunderland Public Libraries, Museum & Art Gallery; Swedish Academy, Stockholm.

Tennyson Collection, Usher Art Gallery, Lincoln; Tenri University Library, Japan; University of Texas Library, and Professors H. H. Ransom and F. Warren Roberts; Trinity College, Cambridge; Trinity College, University of Melbourne; Truro County Museum & Art Gallery; Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.

Victoria Art Gallery & Municipal Libraries, Bath; State Library of Victoria; Public Library of Victoria, Melbourne; University of Virginia Library.

National Library of Wales; Washington University Libraries, Missouri; Wellcome Historical Medical Library; Wellesley College, Massachusetts; Welshpool Free Library & Museum; Western Reserve University Library, Ohio; Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Library, Harvard, pg xxxviiEditor’s Noteand Miss Elizabeth C. Ford; Wisbech Museum & Literary Institute; Yale University Library, and Dr Robert F. Metzdorf.

A few collections of Dickens letters are still owned by the descendants of those to whom they were written; and among these, for their kindness in making accessible to us their family papers, we particularly wish to thank Lady Hermione Cobbold (owner of the Lytton Papers), the Duke of Devonshire, the Earl of Ilchester, and Mr George Howard (owner of the Castle Howard Papers).

We wish also to express our special gratitude to Mrs Alan Stern for putting at our disposal the letters collected by her father, Mr J. F. Dexter.

Outside the main collections, Dickens's letters are widely scattered. To the following owners, who have most kindly given us access to manuscripts in their possession or sent us photographs, our debt is great indeed:

Mr Robert Abrahams; Professor M. Ray Adams; Adelaide Dickens Fellowship; Professor Arthur A. Adrian; Mr William S. Akin; Mr George W. Almond; Mrs Blanche Anding; Mr Marshall R. Anspach; Mr Gordon C. Appleyard; Mr A. W. Armour; Mrs M. C. Armstrong; Mrs Richard Armstrong; Mr D. V. Arnold; Mr Montague B. Ashford; Associated Lead Manufacturers Ltd; Mr F. Atkinson; Mr J. H. Austin.

Mr John S. Barnet; Mr Roger Watson Barrett; Mr R. F. R. Barrow; Mr Paul Bassinor; Mr P. Bayliss; Mr R. L. Bayne-Powell; Messrs George Bayntun; Mrs Victoria Beddy; Bedford Hotel, Brighton; G. Bell & Sons Ltd; Mr Nathan L. Bengis; Mr Bettison; Miss Marjorie Beverley; Mr E. E. Bissell; Mr Robert K. Black; Mrs Renee Metivier Black; B. H. Blackwell Ltd; Mr Philip Blackwell; Miss Kate Blaikley; Mr C. W. Bliss; Mr Leigh B. Block; Herr Godfried J. A. Bomans; Mr David Borowitz; the Rev. Noel Boston; Bowes & Bowes Ltd; Mrs Christine R. Bowes; Mr F. S. Bradburn; Bradbury, Agnew & Co.; Mr John W. Bridge; Mr William Brodsky; the Rev. J. M. Wilmot Brooke; Mr E. Stanley Brookes; Mrs M. Broughton; Mr E. S. Budden; Miss Dorothy Bushby.

Mr Philo Calhoun; Mrs L. Campbell-Wilson; Mr W. J. Carlton; Carnegie Book Shop; Mr & Mrs Alfred Castle; Professor Guy Chapman; Charles Rare Books; Mrs Stuart Chevalier; Dr C. Holland Child; Herr Jacob Christensen; Mr G. H. Clark; Mrs David H. Clarke; Mrs R. Clasby; Mrs S. S. Clephan; Mr James L. Clifford; Lady Mary Clive; William Clowes & Sons Ltd; Mr Alan G. Thomas of Horace G. Commin; Mr L. W. Cooper; Mr R. C. Coppins; Miss A. Corbett; the Coulthurst Trust; Mr J. Stevens Cox; Mr Ralph Crawford; Mr Thaddeus Crenshaw; Mrs Harriet Crockett; Miss Mabel Crompton.

The Earl of Darnley; Mr A. Emil Davies; Mr A. O. Davis; Mr A. R. Davis; Mrs I. B. Davison; Mr J. M. Dawkins; Mr F. R. Dean; Mr R. J. Dobell of Percy J. Dobell & Son; Mr Frederick S. Doble; Mrs Ian Donnelly; Mrs M. Dorling; Mr J. L. Douthwaite; Mr A. F„ Doyle; Mr Frank Drew; Mrs Eleanor Ducker; Mrs Caroline M. Duncan-Jones.

pg xxxviiiFrancis Edwards Ltd; Mr L. T. Edwards; Dr Evelyn M. Lee Eldrid; Charles Ellis & Co.; Herr W. T. Elson; Mr F. J. Ely; Mr John J. Emery.

Dr De Coursey Fales; Miss Eleanor Farjeon; Mr Sidney A. Farmer; Sir Leslie Farrer; Mrs Charles O. Fiertz; Mr Luke V. Fildes; Mr Ifan Kyrle Fletcher; Mrs Hayley Fletcher-Lee; Professor Edward Ford; Miss P. Douglas Ford; Mr Gilbert Foyle; Mr W. A. Foyle; Mrs A. K. Frazer; Dr F. Holcombe Fuller.

Mr G. B. Gladding; Mr W. J. Goddard; Goodspeeds Book Shop Inc, and Mr Gordon T. Banks; Mrs Marjorie Graham; Miss Grainger; Major A. Seafield Grant; Mr John Greaves; Mrs Miriam Green; Mr Ben W. Griffith.

Librairie Hachette; Mr W. R. Haisman; Halewood & Son; Messrs Bernard Halliday; Mr Charles Hamilton; Mr Richard W. Hansen; Mr H. J. O. Harris; the Earl of Harrowby; Dr James Hasson; Mr R. C. Hatchwell; Mr C. D. B. Hawksley; Mrs Agnes Hayman; Mr Louis J. Heizmann; Lord Herbert; Mr E. Herring; Mr Theodore Hewitson; Mr A. F. Hewitt; Mrs Dorothy Hicks; Miss Mary Hill; Mr T. W. Hill; Mr Edward Hirst; Miss Mabel Hodge; Major John Hole; Mr David Holland; Mr Norman Holland; Frank Hollings Bookshop; Mr Robert W. Hompe; Professor D. S. Hopkirk; Commodore T. E. Barham Howe; Howes Bookshop Ltd, and Mr F. T. Bowyer; Miss Grace Hughes; Canon Richard Hussey; Miss Margaret Hutchins; Mrs Mabel Hutton; Mr & Mrs Donald F. Hyde.

Maurice Inman Inc.; Lady Iveagh.

Mr Douglas Jerrold; Mr Frank S. Johnson; Mr Clem D. Johnston; Mrs Violet Martham Jones; Miss Elizabeth Joyce.

Mrs E. Kapp; Mrs Nora Keppel-Palmer; Sir Geoffrey Keynes; Professor Clyde S. Kilby; Miss Elena Klasky; Herr Walter Kreig; Dr G. Kroeger; Mons. W. S. Kundig.

Mr Charles Lake; Mr Lauriat Lane, Jnr; Mr William G. Lane; Sir John Langham; Mr Theodore A. Langstroth; G. H. Last & Son; Charles E. Lauriat Inc.; Major J. E. C. Laurie; Mr Bernard A. M. Lazarus; Messrs Lea & Febiger, and Mr Henry Lea Hudson; the Hon. Mrs Charles Leaf; Mrs Charlotte Lee; Mr E. Lehmann; Mr John Lehmann; Mrs Rudolf Lehmann; Mr Walter Leuba; Mr Walter Lillie; Mrs Kathleen Lingard; Mr G. Arnold Linsley; Miss Anne Lovell; David Low Ltd; Mr J. W. Lynas; Mr P. H. Lynch; the Earl of Lyton.

Mr Frederick J. Macartney; Miss Christina F. Macready; Mr E. L. McAdam, Jnr; the Rev. John J. McShea; Mr A. Malcolm; Mr F. H. Marchbank; Mr W. Marriott; Mr Frank J. Mather, Jnr; Elkin Mathews Ltd, and Mr P. H. Muir; Miss Phyllis Matthews; the Rev. Charles T. Mentzer; Miss L. M. Merridew; Dr E. G. Millar; Mr A. G. Schaw Miller; Mr & Mrs Loring Miller; Mr William Miller; Mr George Milne; Mr R. L. Moline; Mr Edward S. Moore, III; Mrs Reid Morgan; Harold Mortlake & Co.; Dr A. N. L. Munby; Sir John Murray; Miss Rosalie Muspratt; Winifred A. Myers (Autographs) Ltd.

pg xxxixEditor’s NoteL. & H. Nathan Ltd; Messrs F. & H. Newcombe; Miss Violet M. Newman; the Proprietors of the News Chronicle; Mr Cregoe D. P. Nicholson; Sir John and Lady Nicholson; the Marguis of Normanby; Mr J. W. Nyberg.

The Old Curiosity Shop; Mrs Carrington Ouvry; Mr Charles Norton Owen.

Hr Alfred Palludan; Mr Arnold Palmer; Mr Bryan Palmer; Dr William Park; Mr Godfrey Parker; Captain H. J. L. Parker; Parker House, Boston; Mr Wyndham Payne; Professor E. S. Pearson; Miss Madge Pemberton; Mr Noel C. Peyrouton; Pickering & Chatto Ltd, and Mr C. D. Massey; Mrs Florence Mary Pitcher; Dr Frank Pitcher; Dr and Mrs Frank Pleadwell; Mr Guy Pocock; Ivor L. Poole Ltd; Mr George Potts; Dr. J. Orde Poynton; Mr & Mrs W. Linzee Prescott; Major C. E. Pym.

Bernard Quaritch Ltd; Mr H. E. Quick.

Mr P. J. Radford; Mrs M. A. Ranken; Nicolas Rauch S.A.; Dr Hugh Raven; Mrs Maud Rawnsley; Mrs Jack Reed; Mrs Jessie Reed; Mrs R. A. Rendall; Mr Colin Richardson; Mr G. V. Roberts; Sir Sydney Roberts; William H. Robinson Ltd; Mr Arthur Rogers; Mr G. P. Romer of Philobiblon; Mr R. P. Roney-Dougal; Mr Lloyd E. Roscoe; Dr David Ross; Mrs Gladys W. Ross; Bertram Rota Ltd; Mr W. N. Roughead; Royal Albion Hotel, Broadstairs; Miss Phyllis L. Ruddock; Mr Richard Russell; Mr Sheridan Russell.

Viscount Sandon; Prebendary G. W. Saunders; Chas J. Sawyer Ltd; Mr William H. Scheide; the Misses Schön; Mr John Schroder; Seager, Evans & Co.; Mr William R. Seat; Dr Hans Seiler; Mr Crichton Sellars; Dr A. G. M. Severn; Mr Louis Silver; Mr G. F. Sims; Dr Gregg M. Sinclair; Mrs Ronald Sinclair; Herr T. H. Siqveland; Mr Geoffrey Sircom; Mr Howard Smith; Mr L. Voso Smith; Henry Sotheran Ltd; Dr A. A. Silverman of the Southern Book Mart; Mr W. G. Southwell; Mrs Murray Sowerby; Messrs Speechly, Mumford & Craig; Walter T. Spencer and Miss Nellie Clarke; Mrs Katriona Sprigge; Mr Cyril Staal; the Earl Stanhope; Mr Leslie C. Staples; Mr Vincent Starrett; Henry Start & Sons; Mrs Steffens; B. F. Stevens & Brown Ltd; Dr Harry Stone; Miss Gladys Storey; Lord Strachie; Mr F. E. N. Surridge.

Mr D. Norman Taylor; Mr Robert H. Taylor; Mr Charles W. Traylen; Mrs Caroline Trollope; Mr Athol Tuke; Mr Anthony Turner; Mr Justin Turner; Mrs Virginia DuPalais Twigg; Mr M. Tyson.

Firma P. J. Valckenberg; Mrs M. G. Valentine; Madame Jean Vieuxtemps.

Mr R. N. Walker; Mrs E. S. Whittakers Walker; Mr Ulysses Walsh; Miss C. I. Warburton; Miss Gladys Waterer; Mr L. Wilfred Webb; A. Webster & Co.; Mr H. C. Dickens Whinney; Dr Margaret Dickens Whinney; Mr Philip Dickens Whinney; Mrs S. S. White; Dr William A. Whittaker; Dr A. Wilhelm; Miss Alice J. Wilson; Mrs Grafton Lee Wilson; Dr Henry D. von Witzleben.

pg xl

  •   Mrs T. J. P. York; Young & Sossen Inc.
  •   Mr Arnold U. Ziegler.

Our gratitude for help of many different sorts, most kindly given, is also due to the following:

Academician M. P. Alekseev; Professor Richard D. Altick; Mrs W. M. Ashton, Librarian of Punch; Mr Felix Aylmer; the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association.

Mrs L. S. Bagley of the Boston Dickens Fellowship; Professor Edwin B. Barrett; Mr Elias Bredsdorff; the Brisbane Dickens Fellowship; Mr Timothy Brown.

Mr Arthur Calder-Marshall; Miss Margaret Cardwell; Sir Arthur S. Comyns Carr; Mr John Carter; Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd; Miss Nicola Coke; Messrs Coutts & Co., and Miss M. V. Stokes, Archivist; Mr John Crow; Mr Brooke Crutchley; Dawson's Book Shop.

Mr Vyvyan Edwards; Mr Roger Ellis; Professor Nils Enkvist, and the Philosophical Society of Philadelphia.

Professor George H. Ford; Mr Gordon Franey.

Mr David Garnett; Professor Royal A. Gettmann; Dr Winifred Gladwell; Professor D. J. Gordon; Professor Edward D. Gross; Professor G. G. Grubb; Mr E. Guntrip.

Professor Jean H. Hagstrum; Mr John Howard Hall; Mr O. Wyndham Hewett; Professor Colin J. Horne; Dr Richard A. Hunter.

Mr Louis James; Mr Hurford Janes; Mr I. M. Katarsky; Professor A. L. Korn; Miss Elizabeth Lascelles; Leather Bottle Hotel, Cobham; Mr. John A. Lester, Jnr.; Los Angeles County Public Library.

Professor Thomas O. Mabbott; Brigadier John Macready; Mr R. L. McCulloch; Maggs Bros Ltd and Miss A. Martin; Mr W. Granville Mason; Mr J. C. Maxwell; Mr E. J. Mehew; Mr Oscar Mayer; Sir Francis Meynell; Mr Frank Miles; Mrs Doris Langley Moore; Mr P. F. Morgan; Mr Charles Morgenstern of The Book Bag; Mr Malcolm Morley; Mr C. Mortelli; Mr C. W. Musgrave.

Mr Simon Nowell-Smith; Mr Norman D. Ouvry; Atelier Øvereng.

Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc., and Mr Arthur Swann; Mr Robert L. Patten; Mr B. L. Peek; Mr John R. T. Pollard; Miss Marian Pool of the Manchester Dickens Fellowship; Mr George Potts; Mrs A. B. Prickman; Mrs Lisa Puckle.

Mr J. S. G. Simmons; Miss Sheila M. Smith; Professor Warren H. Smith; Sotheby & Co., and Mr A. R. A. Hobson; Mr W. G. Southwell of the Melbourne Dickens Fellowship; Mr H. W. Starr; C. A. Stonehill Inc.

Mrs James Thornton; Professor Geoffrey Tillotson; Mr Thomas Tottie; Mr John White; Professor Carl R. Woodring; Miss Frances J. Woodward; Dr Brooks Wright; Miss Mabel Zahn of Charles Sessler Inc.

To Lady Pansy Lamb, on whose knowledge of the period and willingness to help the edition we have made frequent calls, we are particularly grateful. pg xliWe are most grateful also to Professor Gordon S. Haight, who has kindly read our proofs and made many valuable suggestions; to Mrs F. P. Wilson for the transcribing and checking she did for us while in America; to Professor J. C. Reid, who gave up part of a recent visit from New Zealand to helping us with research; and to Professor Edgar Shannon, who put us in touch with many of the smaller American libraries. We also thank Rachel, Helen and John House who grew up under the same roof as the edition and have on countless occasions ably assisted it.

For all their help with research, transcription, and checking we are grateful to Mr Anthony Bottrall, Miss Nina Burgis, Mr Simon Collier, Mr Graham Howes, Mr Richard Johnson, Mr Christopher Parry, Mrs Audrey Scott, Miss Marjorie Shepherd, and Dr Arnold Whittle; and we especially thank Dr Rachel O'Higgins for her patient day-to-day assistance over the last three years.

Our final thanks must be to Mr Rupert Hart-Davis. It was he who first saw the need for this edition and who, as its original publisher, has seen the first volume through the press. Throughout, nobody could have been more encouraging, helpful and understanding, and to his wisdom and experience we owe more than we can say.


1 Referred to in head-notes to letters as "Benoliel Collection". These letters are now in the Free Library of Philadelphia, the gift of Mrs Benoliel.

2 Referred to in head-notes as "Berg Collection".

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