Frederick W. Sternfeld and David Greer (eds), English Madrigal Verse: 1588–1632 (Third Edition)

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vFor the Hern and Duck.—John Bennet

  • Editor’s Note1Lure, Falconers, lure! give warning to the field!
  • 2Let fly! let fly! make mounting herns to yield.
  • 3Die, fearful ducks, and climb no more so high;
  • Critical Apparatus4The nyas-hawk will kiss the azure sky.
  • Critical Apparatus5But when our soar-hawks fly and stiff winds blow,
  • 6Then long too late we Falconers cry hey lo!

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Editor’s Note
v. 1 Lure] An apparatus used by falconers to recall their hawks. It consisted of a bunch of feathers to which a long cord was attached. The intransitive verb, as used here, means to call to a hawk while casting the lure.
Critical Apparatus
4 nyas-hawk] A corrupted form of eyas-hawk, a young hawk.
Critical Apparatus
5 stiff] swift T.
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