Thomas Ravenscroft

Frederick W. Sternfeld and David Greer (eds), English Madrigal Verse: 1588–1632 (Third Edition)

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Editor’s NotexiiAle and Tobacco.—Thomas Ravenscroft

  • 1            Tobacco fumes
  • 2           Away all nasty rheums;
  • 3        But health away it never lightly frets.
  • 4         And nappy ale makes mirth,
  • 5         As April rain doth earth,
  • 6Spring like the pleasant Spring where'er it soaking wets.
  • 7Chorus. But in that spring of mirth
  • 8     Such madness high doth grow
  • 9As fills a fool by birth
  • 10     With crotchets, with ale and tobacco.
  • 11One clears the brain,
  • 12     The other glads the heart,
  • 13Which they retain
  • 14     By nature and by art.
  • 15The first by nature cleareth;
  • 16     By art makes giddy will.
  • 17The last by nature cheereth,
  • 18     By art makes heady still.
  • pg 25319Chorus. So we whose brains else low
  • 20     Swell high with crotchet rules,
  • 21Feed on these two as fat
  • 22As heady giddy fools.

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Editor’s Note
xii. For references to other songs about tobacco see note on East 1606, xxii. In the original edition such portions of this poem as are set out metrically are set out in lines of ten or twelve syllables.
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