Thomas Ravenscroft

Frederick W. Sternfeld and David Greer (eds), English Madrigal Verse: 1588–1632 (Third Edition)

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xviTheir Marriage Solemnized.—Thomas Ravenscroft

  • 1Chorus. Leave off, Hymen, and let us borrow
  • 2To bid the sun good morrow!
  • 3See the sun cannot refrain
  • 4But doth rise and give again
  • 5     That which you of Hymen borrow,
  • 6     And with smiling bid'st good morrow
  • 7To the sun and to our brides.
  • 8Good night to your sweet beauties,
  • 9Sweet beauties touch your side.
  • 10Chorus. Leave off, Hymen, and let us borrow
  • 11To bid the sun good morrow.

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