Frederick W. Sternfeld and David Greer (eds), English Madrigal Verse: 1588–1632 (Third Edition)

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xxTheir Wedlocke.—John Bennet

  • Critical Apparatus1Chorus. A borgens a borgen, cha hord long agoe.
  • 2Be merry, be merry, ond a vig vor woe.
  • 3Zing gleare, zing zweet and zure, ower zong zhall bee but zhort,
  • 4Muzicke, foice and daunzing, O tis faliant zport!
  • 5           Then let this burden zweetly zung be ztill:
  • 6           A borgens a borgen, bee't good, be it ill.
  • 7Chorus. A borgens a borgen, vor weale or vor woe,
  • 8So ever led dis bleasing borden goe.

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Critical Apparatus
xx. 1 A borgens a borgen] A bargain's a bargain.
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