Charles Dickens

Madeline House and Graham Storey (eds), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 2: 1840–1841

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MS Comtesse de Susannet. Address: Thomas Beard Esquire | 42 Portman Place | Edgeware Road | London.

  • 37 Albion Street Broadstairs.
  • Monday Night June 1st. 1840

My Dear Beard.

With that tremendous energy which characterizes the proceedings of this establishment, we thought of coming here one day last week, and accordingly came this very morning. We have been in the house two hours, and the dining-parlor closet already displays a good array of bottles, duly arranged by the writer hereof—the Spirits labelled "Gin", "Brandy", "Hollands" in autograph character—and the wine tasted and approved. The castors already boast mushroom ketchup, harvey,2 cayenne, and such like condiments; the writing table is set forth with a neatness peculiar to your estimable friend; and the furniture in all the rooms has been entirely re-arranged by the same extraordinary character. The sea is rolling away, like nothing but the sea, in front of the house, and there are two pretty little spare bedrooms waiting to be occupied.

We mean to stay here a Month, and to return, please God, for another Month in the beginning of September. For occasional manly sports in July and August, I shall endeavour to find some queer cabin at Cobham in Kent.

Meantime verbum sap. Every Saturday Morning at 9 o'Clock3 there is a Ramsgate steamer leaving London Bridge Wharf, which, being boarded off this place by a boat belonging to it, will deposit you in the family's arms. On Monday Mornings you can leave here either at 8 or 9, and be in town, as you please, at about 1 2 past 3 or 1 2 past 4.

Therefore, as I am very tired and just now going to bed preparatory to close work tomorrow, I merely forward you these instructions, expecting by return of post a becoming assurance of your duty and submission.

  •                                                                 My Dear Beard | Heartily Yours
  • Thomas Beard Esquire                                                Charles Dickens

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Editor’s Note
2 Harvey's Sauce.
Editor’s Note
3 MS reads "OC'lock".
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