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William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt and Mary Moorman (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 2: The Middle Years: Part I: 1806–1811 (Second Revised Edition)

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  • Address: Mr. Hutchinson, Park House, Penrith, Cumberland.
  • Postmark: May 9, 1806.
  • MS. WL. Hitherto unpublished.

Grosvenor Square, Thursday3 [about 6 May 1806]

My dear Tom,

I am extremely sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident: I have taken the earliest opportunity to consult Mr Carlisle upon it, pg 27one of the ablest Surgeons in London.—His advice is as follows: 1st You must live very abstemiously; that is, abstain from all fermented liquours and from animal food; living as much as possible on vegetables, to which you may add occasionally a little milk; but your diet must be as much as may be vegetables and nothing else. Of course this plan will reduce you, but you must not be afraid of that.—Also you must take half an ounce of Epsom salts twice a week and ten grains of nitre three times a day, and pursue this plan for 3 weeks. You will perceive that the object of the above, is by keeping you low to prevent inflammation.

I have been disappointed with respect to Mr and Mrs Clarkson, who were to have been in town last Monday when I should have heard of the result of his application concerning the farm of Mr Montague. Yesterday I had a short note from Mr C. mentioning that his wife had had a relapse and that she could not come to town. I shall therefore be obliged to go down to Purfleet and will then urge Mr C to do his utmost if he has not done so already.

I applied to Sir G. B. but unluckily all his farms were engaged, which both he and Lady B. seemed greatly to regret.

I have not yet had any opportunity of applying to anybody else with likelihood of success—I have asked of Sir G. B. if any of his Friends had farms to dispose of, but he knows of none. Would it answer any purpose to write to the Wedgewoods? a Letter from Grasmere told me not. I shall however continue to look about. Give my best love to Joanna and to George, and believe me dear Tom

  • Your very affectionate friend   
  • Wm Wordsworth  

I hope to be home in about 17 days from this time at latest.

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Editor’s Note
3 Perhaps for 'Tuesday'.
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