George Gascoigne

G. W. Pigman, III (ed.), A Hundreth Sundrie Flowres

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Critical ApparatusWritten by a Gentlewoman in court, who (when shee was there placed) seemed to disdain him, contrary to a former profession.

  • 1When daunger kepes the dore, of lady beauties bowre,
  • 2When jelouse toys have chased Trust out of hir strongest towre:
  • 3Then faith and troth may flie, then falshod wins the field
  • 4Then feeble naked faultlesse harts, for lack of fence must yeld.
  • Editor’s Note5And then prevailes as much to hop against the hil,
  • 6As seeke by suite for to apease a froward Ladies will.
  • 7For othes and solemne vowes, are wasted then in vain,
  • 8And truth is compted but a toy, when such fond fancies reign.
  • Editor’s Note9The sentence sone is said, when will it self is Judge,
  • 10And quickly is the quarel pickt when ladies list to grudge.
  • pg 22911This sing I for my selfe, (which wrote this weary song)
  • 12Who justly may complain my case, if ever man had wrong
  • 13A Lady have I serv'd, a Lady have I lov'd,
  • 14A Ladies good will once I had, hir ill will late I prov'd.
  • 15In country first I knew hir, in countrie first I caught hir,
  • 16And out of country now in court, to my cost have I sought hir.
  • 17In court where Princes reign, hir place is now assingd,
  • 18And well were worthy for the roome, if she were not unkind.
  • 19There I (in wonted wise) did shew my self of late,
  • 20And found that as the soile was chang'd, so love was turnd to hate.
  • 21But why? God knowes, not I: save as I said before,
  • 22Pitie is put from porters place, and daunger keepes the dore.
  • 23If courting then have skill, to chaunge good Ladies so,
  • 24God send ech wilful dame in court, som wond of my like wo
  • 25That with a troubled head, she may both turne and tosse,
  • 26In restlesse bed when she should sleepe and feele of love the losse.
  • 27And I (since porters put me from my wonted place)
  • Editor’s Note28And deepe deceit hath wrought a wyle to wrest me out of grace:
  • Editor’s Note29Wil home agein to cart, as fitter wer for me,
  • 30Then thus in court to serve and starve, wher such proud porters
  • 31be.

Editor’s NoteSi fortunatus infœlix.

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Critical Apparatus
14.0.1 Written] ¶Pride in Court written 75
Editor’s Note
14. 5. to hop against the hil. See note to 160. 6.
Editor’s Note
14. 9. The sentence sone is said, when will it self is Judge. Cf. 'What plea may serve, where will it selfe is Judge?' (161. 38)
Editor’s Note
14. 28. deepe deceit. See note to J II. i. 298–9.
Editor’s Note
14. 29. Wil home agein to cart. This phrase for returning to the country (cf. lines 15–16) plays on 'court'/'cart'.
Editor’s Note
14. 30. 1. Si fortunatus infœlix. See note to 59. 24.
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