William Wordsworth

Helen Darbishire and Ernest De Selincourt (eds), The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, Vol. 4: Evening Voluntaries; Itinerary Poems of 1833; Poems of Sentiment and Reflection; Sonnets Dedicated to Liberty and Order; Miscellaneous Poems; Inscriptions; Selections From Chaucer; Poems Referring to the Period of Old Age; Epitaphs and Elegiac Pieces; Ode-Intimations of Immortality (Second Edition)

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Editor’s NoteXXXII

[Composed 1846.—Published 1850.]

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Editor’s Note
p. 106. XXXII. The unremitting voice of nightly streams: In one manuscript this poem is headed Introduction to the Somnambulist (v. 49).
Critical Apparatus
XXXII. 1 unremitting … nightly ] unsuspended … mountain MS. 1
Critical Apparatus
2 Where Nature seems to work with wasted powers MS. 1; That calls the breeze to modulate its powers MS. 2
Critical Apparatus
3 That voice that soothes, perchance MS. 1
Critical Apparatus
4 dewy] summer, (dusky) MSS.
nor] and MSS.
Critical Apparatus
5 And lulls at dewy eve the shutting flowers MS. 1
Editor’s Note
5. (app. crit.) at dewy eve the shutting flowers] Cf. Paradise Lost, ix. 278, "at shut of evening flowers".
Critical Apparatus
6 not in MSS.
Critical Apparatus
7 For] Yet MSS.
Critical Apparatus
  • This has been known to mingle with the sleep (That voice, it has been known to mix with sleep)
  • Of human kind, and regulate our dreams
  • For kindly issues, as a knight too well (Once to how strange an issue he full well)
  • Had learned, who scooped into a votive cell
  • Yon rock impending from the shaggy steep
  • That he in hermit's weeds therein might dwell
  • For ever bound
  • To the lone river's heart-controuling (spirit-soothing) sound (To one deep solemn)
  • Why, let these words to simple Listeners tell. MS. 1
  • That voice by night with healing power can creep
  • Into the human heart or mix with sleep,
  • As knew of yore the hermit in his cell
  • Scooped out from rocky steep
  • As all with gratitude can tell
  • Who at this day mid Cumbrian mountains dwell.
MS. 2
Editor’s Note
10–17. (app. crit.) "The Hermit's Cell, nr. Knaresboro." MS. marginal note.
Critical Apparatus
11 breast] heart MS.
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