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William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt, Alan G. Hill, and Mary Moorman (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 3: The Middle Years: Part II: 1812–1820 (Second Revised Edition)

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pg 100296. W. W. to GEORGE THOMPSON1

  • Address: Mr George Thompson, Appleby.
  • Postmark: Penrith. Ju 30 1813 and Penrith 29 Ju 1813.
  • MS. Henry Huntington Library.
  • MY ii. 484, p. 561.

Penrith June 28th [1813]

Dear Sir,

On the 22nd of May last I received an acknowledgement from Mr Robison of Penrith for stamped Papers and parchments received from me to the amount of two thousand two hundred and forty six pounds, having at the same time given an acknowledgement that he had transferred this amount of Stamps to me, he acting for Mr Wilkin.—Soon after Mr Robison informs me that he had in his possession six skins at 3/6, Duty £2. amounting to £13. 1s 'which came in his last parcel from Mr Wilkin and which were packed up to return but neglected to be given to the Carrier'; They had therefore, writes he, 'be added to the amount of stock taken from himself.'2 Accordingly this was done; and I gave Mr Wilkin credit for these stamps, and took them into the account sent to Government of stamps received by me.

On the 9th of June I took Mr Robison's stock again at which period it amounted to 2157. 6. 2—he paid me in Cash £87. 14, 4, which sum with the Poundage £1. 2. 2½ made an amount of 2246, 2. 8, the stock as taken on the 22nd of May.—At this time the 6 skins which I had given Mr Wilkin credit for at his desire slipped my memory,—so that I now by my own acknowledgement stand debtor through Mr Wilkin to Government for £13. 1. 0 more than I have received.—

I represented this to Mr Robison to day; having called upon him for the money or the stamps—and he refers me to you for the money he having accounted to Mr Wilkin for it.——I will thank you to inform me if Mr Wilkin be agreeable that I should charge him with that sum viz.—13. 1. in account.—

An early answer will oblige me. I was very much mortified at missing you, another time I hope you will contrive by all means to call.

  • Yours sincerely    
  • Wm Wordsworth  

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Editor’s Note
1 The principal banker at Appleby. Mr. Robison, mentioned in this letter, was the Sub-distributor of Stamps at Penrith. For Mr. Wilkin, see Letters 282, 285 above.
Editor’s Note
2 So manuscript.
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