Charles Dickens

Kathleen Mary Tillotson (ed.), The British Academy/The Pilgrim Edition of the Letters of Charles Dickens, Vol. 4: 1844–1846

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Extract in F, vi, vii, 552. Date: from Genoa in 1844 according to Forster; after 28 July if reference is to Sir James Murray.

We are very sorry to lose the benefit of his advice3—or, as my father would pg 244say, to be deprived, to a certain extent, of the concomitant advantages, whatever they may be, resulting from his medical skill, such as it is, and his professional attendance, in so far as it may be so considered.

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Editor’s Note
3 "Describing … the departure from Genoa of an English physician and acquaintance" (F, ibid); almost certainly Sir James Murray. It is not known when he left.
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