William Wordsworth

Ernest De Selincourt and Alan G. Hill (eds), The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 4: The Later Years: Part I: 1821–1828 (Second Revised Edition)

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MS. Lonsdale MSS. Hitherto unpublished.

  • Rydal Mount
  • 7 th Febry 1821

My dear Lord Lowther,

I am sorry to have been obliged to displace Bateman,3 recommended to you as a proper person for the Subdistributorship at Appleby. His habits I find were expensive, and his disposition such as rendered it very improbable that he could resist the temptation of public money, passing through his hands. I have substituted Mr Richardson the Tobacconist, who has property at Pooley Bridge, a regular and well disposed man.

I have no news from Westnd: The Yeomanry Corps seems much approved of,4 though the Kendal Chronicle5 is labouring to make it odious.

pg 26Poor Myers, whom you heard ranting away at my House, was found dead in his bed room.

When you can find a moment's leisure I should be glad to have a word from you upon public affairs. My Recipe runs thus, 'arm the Yeomanry and respectable Proprietors; curb the Press by vigilant prosecutions; and prepare a gradual reformation of the poor Laws.'—As to change of System, it is the cry of men wanting place, or of Revolutionists. Things may be improved, and ought to be in detail; but the system cannot be altered, as the Whigs and Lord Grey himself probably know, or would soon find out, were they in power. Mr Gee1 is very well, he accompanied me to Lowther on my way to Appleby; we were both hospitably entertained by Dr Satt:2 who looks very well.

Mrs W. and my sister unite with me in kind regards and believe me my dear Lord L.

  • ever faithfully your      
  • Wm Wordsworth

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Editor’s Note
3 Richard Bateman, stationer.
Editor’s Note
4 The Westmorland Gazette for 27 Jan. carried an enthusiastic account of the muster of three new troops of Westmorland Yeomanry Cavalry at Edenhall, Kendal, and Milnthorpe. Col. Lowther was Commanding Officer.
Editor’s Note
5 A letter signed by 'A Freeholder' in the issue for 3 Feb. attacked these increases in the military establishments. The fitting out of the three new troops would cost the taxpayer £4,000.
Editor’s Note
1 George Gee, tenant of Ivy Cottage: later of Birdcomb Court, Somerset.
Editor’s Note
2 i.e. Dr. Satterthwaite, rector of Lowther.
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