William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 5: The Later Years: Part II: 1829–1834 (Second Revised Edition)

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519. W. W. to DORA W.

  • Address: Miss Wordsworth, [delivered by hand]
  • MS. WL. Hitherto unpublished.

[mid-Apr. 1830]

… Nab Scar and the opposite part of Loughrigg fell are white with sleet down to the Enclosures—in front of the Mount Loughrigg has a faint sprinkling only upon the summit. I was indeed glad to hear that you had been able to ride three hours upon the Heights,5 because I am sure you would not have remained so long had you either been chilled or fatigued. Have you ever been at pg 233Harrington—would not that be an agreeable ride.1 Though you be in the land of spinsters, and at a formidable age yourself, I still have hopes of you. But if it be your destiny to be laid upon that dusty shelf I will then say, proudly say (a poor consolation this for you!) that there is no discernment in the age.

Poor Hartley—have you been told that he is off again, and has been lying intoxicated in the roads and unwell.

You talked of new Books finding their way to Rydal. This moment I have received a parcel containing Webster's Dramatic Works2 4 Vols, and Specimens of British Poetesses,3 both beautifully printed Books, from a very kind Correspondent the Revd A. Dyce—a letter also in which he speaks of the effect of my Poems upon his own mind in terms that would delight you,—but I must send it you, though unwilling to part with it till I have answered it.

[cetera desunt]

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Editor’s Note
5 Above Whitehaven. Dora W. had gone to stay with John W. at Moresby.
Editor’s Note
1 Harrington was a coal port between Whitehaven and Workington, which had recently been developed by the Curwens. W. W. seems to go on to imply that there was a possible suitor there for Dora's hand, perhaps the Revd. John Curwen, the rector.
Editor’s Note
2 Alexander Dyce's edition of Webster had just appeared. See L. 521 below.
Editor’s Note
3 See L. 474 above and Ls. 521 and 529 below.
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