William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 5: The Later Years: Part II: 1829–1834 (Second Revised Edition)

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620. W. W. to EDWARD MOXON

  • Address: Mr Edward Moxon, 64 New Bond Street, London. [In M. W.'s hand]
  • Postmark: 13 June 1831. Stamp: Kendal Penny Post.
  • MS. Henry E. Huntington Library.
  • K (—). LY ii. 556.

  • Rydal Mount
  • June.—Wednesday 13th [1831]

My dear Sir,

I am sorry to incur the expense of another Letter4 but on the other side I have sent a more correct list of Errata for two of which at least I know that your printer is not answerable.—But some of these blunders destroy the sense entirely—for example 'the' for 'thy'—page 97 lawful for lawless 109.—If we are to talk about cancelling, the passage page 51 I could wish most to be cancelled is the last with the note about the Excursion—it would hurt Mr Hine's feelings perhaps to tell him so—but really the note ought not to be there.—As to improving the Selection in another Edition, pg 401I am very sceptical about that. Mr Quillinan talks of omitting the Idiot Boy—it was precisely for his perception of the merit of this Class of Poems that I allowed Mr Hine to make the Selection. You would find no two Persons agree [with you]1 what was best; and upon the whole tell Mr H[ine] that I think he has succeeded full as well if not better than most other Persons could have done.—There is another Note which I also object to much—it is about Editorial Nutcrackers—but perhaps I mentioned this before—I wish I could have sent this letter through a Frank but I cannot without loss of one post, probably two. Mr Leigh Hunt2 is a Coxcomb, was a Coxcomb, and ever will be a Coxcomb.

  • ever faithfully yours    
  • W. W.  

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Editor’s Note
4 About Joseph Hine's Selections. See L. 617 above.
Editor’s Note
1 MS. torn.
Editor’s Note
2 In The Tatler for 4 June 1831, Leigh Hunt had poked fun at one of Moxon's publishing ventures, the anonymous satire Mischief. W. W. did not apparently know at this stage that Edward Quillinan was the author. See L. 622 below.
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