William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 5: The Later Years: Part II: 1829–1834 (Second Revised Edition)

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  • Address: Miss Wordsworth, Mrs W. Rawson's, Saville Green, Halifax. [In M. W.'s hand]3
  • Stamp: Kendal Penny Post.
  • MS. WL.
  • LY i. 391 (—).

Dublin Sunday noon [30 Aug. 1829]

My dearest Friends—

Here we are after a most pleasant passage—I am going to find out the Professor4—I can say nothing of Dublin yet—I was not in the least sick, the water was so smooth, nor was one of our party—This note is merely to set you at ease as to our voyage—We are all well—Most affectionately yours—I long to hear from home. We shall leave Dublin on Wednesday morning unless something peculiar hinder—again farewell

W. W.

Welcome to Rydal dearest D—

Direct to Cork and under cover to Mr M.5

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Editor’s Note
3 This letter was sent on to D. W. (who was still at Halifax) by M. W., who added a short note.
Editor’s Note
4 W. R. Hamilton.
Editor’s Note
5 Mr. Marshall.
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