William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 6: The Later Years: Part III: 1835–1839 (Second Revised Edition)

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  • MS. Cornell. Hitherto unpublished.

[In M. W.'s hand]

  • Rydal Mount
  • Janry 10th 1837


Incessant engagements have prevented me from giving your letter an immediate reply.

Be assured that I am sensible of the honour done me by the Society,1 whose Organ you are, in the resolution which they have passed for electing me a Member of it: and let me thank you for the flattering terms in which you have conveyed to me that intelligence.

The expressions 'honorary and corresponding' are, I take for granted, ordinarily used upon these occasions—otherwise it would be right for me to say, that I could not accept the honor, if it involved me in any engagement to communicate with the Society, by letter. I am too far advanced in life to be at liberty to add to my literary occupations, as the Society are probably aware.

With best wishes for the Success of the Institution, and not without regret it is not in my power to contribute my Mite to the Contributions by which I doubt not the Liverpool literary, scientific and commercial Institution will be distinguished,

  • I have the honor to be        
  • Sir, faithfully yours'      
  • [signed] Wm Wordsworth  

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Editor’s Note
1 The Royal Institution, in Colquitt Street, Liverpool, founded 1814.
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