William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 7: The Later Years: Part IV: 1840–1853 (Second Revised Edition)

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pg 4181682. W. W. to EDWARD MOXON

  • MS. Henry E. Huntington Library.
  • LY iii. 1155.

[In M. W.'s hand]

Wednesday Morn. [29 Mar. 1843]1

Dear Mr Moxon

We saw Mr Hill2 on our return from Keswick yesterday, from him we find that Dr Southey3 had declined to act as his Br's Executor so that his duties are devolved upon Cuth:4—and we also understand that Mr Taylor was likely to throw as much of the literary labor upon Cuth: as was consistent with his duty to his departed friend. Mr Hill also said, when the subject of your application was mentioned to him by Mrs W. that he had barely heard the name of Longman mentioned between Dr S. and his nephew. Now I shall to-day write to inform Cuth: of your wish, he goes to London in a few days to meet the Executors, where if you have not left London you may see him—and meanwhile you might if you thought proper see Dr Southey who returned to Town last Monday.

[W. W. writes]

Perhaps this intelligence may prevent you coming down into the North; if so I shall be sorry both because if you could spare a few days, you might enjoy yourself, and we should be heartily glad to see you. We might also talk matters over, though I confess I am very indifferent about reprinting in any shape, while there is so little inclination to purchase.

  • ever faithfully yours      
  • Wm Wordsworth

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Editor’s Note
1 Date added in another hand.
Editor’s Note
2 Southey's son-in-law.
Editor’s Note
3 Dr. Henry Southey, the poet's younger brother. He and Cuthbert Southey were on opposing sides in the family quarrel.
Editor’s Note
4 Cuthbert Southey had graduated from Queen's College, Oxford, in 1841. He acted as John W.'s curate for a time at Plumbland, and was successively vicar of Ardleigh, Essex (1851–5), Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset (1855–79), and St. James's, Dudley (1879–85). The point at issue now was whether Moxon was to publish Southey's literary remains. See next letter.
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