William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth

The Letters of William and Dorothy Wordsworth, Vol. 7: The Later Years: Part IV: 1840–1853 (Second Revised Edition)

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pg 5561803. W. W. to EDWARD MOXON

  • MS. Henry E. Huntington Libary.
  • LY iii. 1214.

[In M. W.'s hand]

[21 June 1844]1

My dear Mr Moxon,

Mrs W. holds the pen for me, just come over Kirkstone from Lord Lonsdale's Lowther—I acknowledge with pleasure your Letter, enclosing a cheque for £32. 13. 8, the acct of the separate Ed: of the Excursion. I am glad it is disposed of and also that you have another Ed: prepared.

With regard to the Poems, especially the last vol: which encreases the price so much, I fear it will be long before they are off—How can any One when such trashy books as D'Israeli's2 are run after expect any portion of public attention, unless he confines hims[elf] to personalities or topics of the day.

The Papers had announced that Campbell3 was dangerously ill at Boulogne, so that I was not unprepared for the account of his decease, which was also announced to me by a Letter from his Physician (I presume) dated Boulogne. Did he seem gratified by your kind visit? or was he too far gone? Poor Fellow one cannot help being sad that he is departed notwithstanding the unhappy habit to which he had given way.

We rejoiced to hear of your intention to visit us, and that Mr Rogers thinks of doing the same. It will be indeed a great treat to see you both, and I hope it may suit you to come together.

To-day, as I rode up Ullswater side, while the vapours were 'curling with unconfirmed intent'4 on the Mountain sides, and the blue Lake was streaked with silver light, I felt as if no Country could be more beautiful than ours; and certainly there is one point in which our scenery has a striking advantage over that of the greatest part of the Continent. Our forest trees are preserved from that horrible mutilation which prevails almost pg 557everywhere in Italy and disfigures the Austrian and Bavarian lakes woefully.

John and his wife are now at Genoa, whence they will proceed to the Baths of Lucca where they mean to pass the Summer. She writes in better spirits than she has ever done, and is stronger, since she left Madeira which was too relaxing for her.

But I must conclude

  • ever faithfully yours      
  • [signed] W. Wordsworth

All the Quillinans are at the Seaside where unfortunately Mrs Q. has taken cold, and with it got a bad cough—The day after tomorrow I go to see her and probably may bring her home, certainly if I do not find her better. Her husband has business in Ireland which calls him away next Tuesday.

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Editor’s Note
1 Dated to 21 July by another hand, but the contents of the letter indicate June.
Editor’s Note
2 Benjamin Disraeli (see also part iii, L. 1335) had just published Coningsby, which embodied the political ideals of Young England, and contained thinly-disguised portraits of contemporaries.
Editor’s Note
3 Thomas Campbell had died on 15 June.
Editor’s Note
4 To May (PW iv. 118), l. 79.
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