John Bunyan

Graham Midgeley (ed.), The Miscellaneous Works of John Bunyan, Vol. 6: The Poems

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XLIXUpon a Lanthorn

  • 1428  The Lanthorn is to keep the Candle Light,
  • 1429When it is windy, and a darksome Night.
  • 1430Ordain'd it also was, that men might see
  • 1431By Night their Day, and so in safety be.

pg 2511432Comparison

  • 1433  Compare we now our Lanthorn to the man,
  • 1434That has within his heart a Work of Grace.
  • 1435As for another let him, if he can,
  • 1436Do as this Lanthorn, in its time and place:
  • 1437  Profess the Faith, and thou a Lanthorn art:
  • Critical Apparatus1438But yet if Grace has not possessed thee,
  • 1439Thou want'st this Candle Light within thy heart,
  • 1440And art none other, than dark Lanthorns be.

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Critical Apparatus
1438 thee,] thee: 1686
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