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Thomas Hardy

Samuel Hynes (ed.), The Complete Poetical Works of Thomas Hardy, Vol. 3: Human Shows; Winter Words; Uncollected Poems

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Critical Apparatuspg 17Critical ApparatusTHE LATER AUTUMN

  • Critical Apparatus1Gone are the lovers, under the bush
  • 2          Stretched at their ease;
  • Critical Apparatus3          Gone the bees,
  • 4Tangling themselves in your hair as they rush
  • 5          On the line of your track,
  • 6          Leg-laden, back
  • 7          With a dip to their hive
  • 8          In a prepossessed dive.
  • 9Toadsmeat is mangy, frosted, and sere;
  • 10          Apples in grass
  • 11          Crunch as we pass,
  • Critical Apparatus12And rot ere the men who make cyder appear.
  • 13          Couch-fires abound
  • 14          On fallows around,
  • Critical Apparatus15          And shades far extend
  • 16          Like lives soon to end.
  • 17Spinning leaves join the remains shrunk and brown
  • 18          Of last year's display
  • 19          That lie wasting away,
  • 20On whose corpses they earlier as scorners gazed down
  • 21          From their aery green height:
  • 22          Now in the same plight
  • 23          They huddle; while yon
  • 24          A robin looks on.

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Critical Apparatus
 Saturday Review, 28 Oct. 1922
Critical Apparatus
1 Gone are the lovers,] No more lovers SR; 〈No more lovers,〉 Hol.
Critical Apparatus
3 No more bees SR; 〈No more bees〉 Hol.
Critical Apparatus
12 men who make cyder] 〈ciderman's grinders〉 Hol.
Critical Apparatus
15 shades far] shadows SR; 〈shadows〉 shades Hol.; 〈shades〉 HS-P
Date 1921 Hol.
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