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1. sane. Yet it was perhaps less an assessment of merits than thought for the future (respectus veniae) which made some of the Othonian leaders hold back from attacks on Vitellius.

utriusque exitum. Of Vitellius' death T. says deformitas exitus misericordiam abstulerat, III. 85. 28, but his account of Vitellius' reign, heavily influenced by Flavian propaganda, hardly suggests that the world only fully appreciated his viciousness after his death. It is the change in Otho's reputation of which T. was mainly thinking.

3. flagrantissimae libidines. I. 50. 1, 71. 1. Yet for ten years he governed Lusitania non ex priore infamia, A. XIII. 46. 5; see I. 13. 18 n.

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5. nemo imputabat. Unclear whether T. means that people had forgotten that Vitellius was a rebel against Galba, or that they blamed Caecina and Valens (and the army) rather than Vitellius himself.

9. consultavit. Plut. O. 8 says the conference was held at Bedriacum.

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