Christopher Smart

Karina Williamson and Anne Becher (eds), The Poetical Works of Christopher Smart, Vol. 6: A Poetical Translation of the Fables of Phaedrus

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  • 1  As yet my muse is not to seek,
  • 2But can from fresh materials speak;
  • 3And our poetic fountain springs,
  • 4With rich variety of things.
  • 5But you're for sallies short and sweet;
  • 6Long tales their purposes defeat.
  • 7Wherefore, thou worthiest best of men,
  • 8Particulo, for whom my pen
  • 9Immortal honour will ensure,
  • 10Long as a rev'rence shall endure
  • pg 10111For Roman learning——if this strain,
  • 12Cannot your approbation gain,
  • Editor’s Note13Yet, yet my brevity admire,
  • 14Which may the more to praise aspire,
  • 15The more our poets now a-days
  • 16Are tedious in their lifeless lays.

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Editor’s Note
v. To Particulo [epilogue to Book IV in Perry]. 13–16 See Commentary, p. 121, v. prol.
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