Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus

P. S. Allen (ed.), Opus Epistolarum Des. Erasmi Roterodami, Vol. 1: 1484–1514

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Critical Apparatus231237 To John Colet.

Farrago p. 309.

F. p. 416: HN: Lond. x. 9: LB. 121.

  • Cambridge.
  • 5 October 1511.

[Contemporary with Ep. 232, and briefly responding to Ep. 230.]

erasmvs roterodamvs coleto svo s. d.

Editor’s Note1Iam nunc subodoror genus hoc hominum de quo memineras; qua Editor’s Note2de re plura coram. Cum proxime essem Londini, non adii te, ne 3quid tibi molestus essem; nam erat statim a prandio equitandum. Editor’s Note4Petrus vnoculus casu mihi factus obuius indicauit te proximis literis 5meis respondisse, verum eas nondum accepi. Nisi me deterreret 6pestilentia, sub Decembrem me ad vos reciperem; praesertim si pg 472 Editor’s Note7redeat Montioius, vt liceat mihi domo illius vti, quod nunc per Cer- 8berum illum non licet. Bene vale, praeceptor vnice.

Critical Apparatus9Cantabrig. Tertio Non. Octob. m.d.xi.

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Critical Apparatus
231. Flaccus] Od. 1. 3. 38–40.
Editor’s Note
231. 1. memineras] An allusion to Ep. 230. 38, not a direct answer.
Editor’s Note
2. Londini] Erasmus seems to have made a hasty visit to London, perhaps to interview Badius (Ep. 232). For the connexion between them at this time see Epp. 218, 219, and 263.
Editor’s Note
4. Petrus] Peter Meghen (Magius) of Hertogenbosch in Brabant, a one-eyed man, who made his living as a scribe and as a messenger. Lupton, Life of Colet, pp. 62, 3 enumerates some MSS. at Cambridge written by him for Colet, one of which was finished on 8 May 1509. Two written at Urswick's (Ep. 193) instruction in 1514 for the Cistercian Abbey of Hailes in Gloucester-shire are now in the Chapter Library at Wells. See Canon C. M. Church's Notes on that Library, p. 23, where other MSS. written for Colet are referred to.
proximis literis] In answer to Ep. 230.
Editor’s Note
231. 7. Montioius] Lord Mountjoy returned from Hammes early in November 1511. See Ep. 239. 32, 3.
Cerberum] Cf. Epp. 240 and 247. Probably a porter; but perhaps Bernard Andreas is intended. Cf. Ep. 248. 30.
Critical Apparatus
231. 9. m.d.xi add. H.
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