Robert De Keysere

P. S. Allen (ed.), Opus Epistolarum Des. Erasmi Roterodami, Vol. 2: 1514–1517

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pg 452525. From Robert De Keysere.

Deventer MS. 91, f. 163.

LB. App. 102.

  • Ghent.
  • ⟨c. 6 February 1517.⟩

[Evidently contemporary with Ep. 524.

The notice of Robert de Keysere in Ep. 175 introd. may be greatly amplified from two publications by M. Van den Gheyn and M. Victor Vander Haeghen in the Annales de la Soc. d'Hist. et d'Archéol. de Gand, viii. 1907–8. He was born c. 1470, and was a brother of the miniature-painter Clara de Keysere. By 1496 he had become M.A. and was at Paris. About 1517, whilst tutor to Leopold of Austria (Ep. 585. 3 n.), he composed a book for Leopold's marriage, in which he advocated the foundation of a university at Tournay. The scheme failed at first, because of the political vicissitudes of the town (cf. Lond. xvii. 12, LB. 595); but on its restoration to the Netherlands, de Keysere renewed his proposal in 1523, only to be defeated a second time by opposition from Louvain. M. Van den Gheyn's article describes an Escurial MS. which is the presentation copy of an Officium Salomonis composed by de Keysere for Charles v in June 1520, and probably illuminated by his sister. He married c. Oct. 1526, and died in 1532, leaving three sons.]

robertvs caesar domino erasmo ro. s.

Editor’s Note1Salve, mi mellitissime Erasme. An nugas meas receperis cupio Editor’s Note2scire. Eefricas animum meum in litteris tuis ad Clauam, cum 3inquis, 'Par est illum agere quippiam Caesare dignum'. Quorsum 4alludis nescio. Quod Claua rescripsit me ius meum amplecti strenue, Editor’s Note5non magis mirum est quam frigidos esse Gandenses omnes. Nun-6quam magis me cognominis mei et amplae domus meae quam hodie 7puduit, cum abhinc triennium alterum contubernalem consequi non Critical Apparatus8potuerim. Ita fortuna communium, vt dicitur, alterum, alterum Editor’s Note9nunc frigus pungit premitque, vt totus in vacuo meo Lynce me Critical Apparatus10contineam, et mea me[a] paupertate consolans quasique limax in sua 11testa; cui nunc salem addis, quod Cancellario meo nos non com-12mendas aut non poteris per occasionem. Reuiuiscam tamen, cum 13Caesar ad te scribet; nunc Robertus ad te scribit. Vale, litterarum 14praesidium. Gandaui ex Lynce.

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Editor’s Note
525. 1. nugas] Cf. Ep. 530. 10–2.
Editor’s Note
2. litteris] Answered by Ep. 524.
Editor’s Note
5. frigidos] Cf. Ep. 524. 3.
Critical Apparatus
525. 8. communium scripsi: coim siue comi MS.: communi LB.
? communis; cf. Ep. 559. 35.
vnum alterum om. LB.
Editor’s Note
9. Lynce] M. Victor Vander Haeghen, Archiviste of Ghent, informs me that this is a xiiic house, to the N. of St. Michael's church, which Caesar had bought in 1500, sold in 1508, and bought againin July 1513. It appears on the extreme right of a plate in Sanderus' Flandria illusirata. 1641, i, p. 128.
Critical Apparatus
10. me mea LB.
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