Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus

P. S. Allen (ed.), Opus Epistolarum Des. Erasmi Roterodami, Vol. 2: 1514–1517

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299381 To Andrew of Hoogstraeten.

Epistolae ad diuersos p. 473.

HN: Lond. xii. 8: LB. 296.

  • Liège.
  • ⟨August 1514.⟩

[A younger branch of the Borsselen family (cf. Epp. 80 and 93 introd.) acquired the lordship of Hoogstraeten in 1437 (Stokvis iii. 10, geneal. 10, 16); so that Erasmus' ancient friendship with this Andrew, who was perhaps a dependant on the same footing as Peter of Courtebourne (Ep. 169), may have dated back to the Tournehem days.]

erasmvs rot. andreae hoochstrato svo s.

1Deflexi nonnihil ab itinere meo, vt et te veterem amicum meum 2viderem et vrbis tam celebris conspectu fruerer; verum vtrunque 3frustra malo quodam meo fato. Nam et tu aberas, et vrbs ita 4placuit vt a nulla vnquam discesserim lubentius. Bene vale.

5Leodii. [Anno m.d.xvii.]

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