Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus

Opus Epistolarum Des. Erasmi Roterodami, Vol. 5: 1522–1524

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1478. To Augustine Scarpinellus.

Opus Epistolarum p. 623.

N. p. 594: Lond. xviii. 45: LB. 688.

  • ⟨Basle.⟩
  • 30 August 1524.

[I cannot conclusively establish the year-date; but the position of this letter in H among a number of other letters to England at this time affords corroboration. For Scarpinellus see Ep. 1169.]

erasmvs roterod. avgvstino scarpinello, dvcis mediolanensis apvd anglos oratori, s. d.

1Sic insculptus est animo meo Scarpinellus ille candidissimus et 2Gratiarum antistes, vt ipse mihi citius excidero; ne tu putes opus 3vt vllis argumentis mihi refrices tui memoriam. Voluptati fuit Editor’s Note4quod famulus meus nunciauit te bene valere. Nam Vuormacien. Editor’s Note5consilium, vt memini, conciliarat tibi nonnihil aduersae valetudinis; 6et video multos principum legationibus, dum nimium immoran-7tur, immori. Sed quis te genius adegit in Britanniam? Quomodo Editor’s Note8nos fata distrahunt! Praesulem Theatinum attraxit Rhoma; ego Editor’s Note9factus sum Eluetius, tu Britannus. Vtinam ὁλόχρυσον te remittat Editor’s Note10Britannia! Miseret me Mediolani, praeter tot bellorum calamitates Editor’s Note11nunc saeuissima peste laborantis.

12Plura scripsissem, sed vt vos Mercurii subinde alio atque alio 13deuolatis, verebar ne meae literae te istic non essent reperturae. 14Verum vbicunque futurus est meus Augustinus, precor illi fortunam pg 514 15eruditione non vulgari moribusque sanctissimis pariter et candidis-16simis dignam. Nos vicissim quaecunque expectat regio, Scar-17pinellum intimis animi recessibus penitus infixum circumferemus.

18Bene vale tertio Calend. Septemb. Anno m.d.xxiiii.

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Editor’s Note
1478. 4. famulus meus] Probably Liuinus Algoet; who had no doubt brought back Scarpinellus' letter from England when he returned at the end of June (see Ep. 1430. 21n).
Vuormacien.] Scarpinellus had been there in attendance on Marlianus: see Epp. 1195. 148, 1198. 51.
Editor’s Note
5. aduersae valetudinis] For the plague at Worms see Ep. 917 introd. Marlianus himself was one of its victims: see vol. iv, p. xxv.
Editor’s Note
8. nos fata distrahunt] This evidently implies that at some period Caraffa, Scarpinellus and Erasmus had been together and in close intimacy: probably in 1516–17, when Caraffa and Marlianus (and possibly therefore Scarpinellus) were in the Netherlands (cf. Epp. 411. 8, 412. 53, 60, 539. 9, 590. 74, 591. 73, 628. 54, 640), before accompanying Charles to Spain (cf. Ep. 695. 50).
Ep. 1169 shows that Erasmus had met Scarpinellus during the ceremonies of Charles' coronation: but I cannot find that Caraffa was then in the North.
Theatinum] Caraffa. He had been recalled to Rome by Adrian vi in 1523 to aid in the introduction of reform (Pastor ix. 117–18, x. 406); and now, besides official work was actively engaged in the foundation of the Theatines, and with the Oratory of Divine Love (id. x. 380, 406–12).
Editor’s Note
9. ὁγόχρυσον] With the customary presents given to ambassadors; which in wealthy England were expected to be large (see Ep. 77. 14–17). Such expenses occur frequently in Henry viii' s Book of Payments: e.g. £66. 13. 4 to Caraffa in Aug. 1515 (Brewer ii. p. 1468).
Editor’s Note
10. bellorum] For Francis' designs on Milan at this time see Brewer iv. 565, 567, 609.
Editor’s Note
11. peste] Alciati writes from Milan, 23 May 1524, 'Pestis multum increbescit': M. Gudii Epistolae, 1697, p. 105 (see Ep. 949). A letter from Turin, 9 Aug. (Brewer iv. 570), reports 'a great death where the armies have passed'; 100,000 perishing at Milan. Cf. also Epp. 1514. 8, 1557.
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