Richard Carlile, Richard Carlile

Catherine Fuller (ed.), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 11: January 1822 to June 1824

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pg 341Editor’s Note3039From Richard Carlile22 January 1824

Dorchester Gaol Janry—22—1824


With thanks I acknowledge the receipt of the volume entitled 'Fragment on Government &c' which I have carefully perused. Also, through the hands of my invaluable friend and preceptor, Mr. Place, I have to acknowledge the receipt of several pamphlets on the theoretical and practical qualities of jurisprudence, oaths &c and the liberty to print the tract—'Truth versus Ashurst,'2 with many other favours; for the whole of which, I can but make my acknowledgements, and return my earnest thanks hoping, that, I shall hereafter be able to gratify you with the assurance, that your kind attentions to me have not been wasted,

  •                                                I am, Sir,
  •                                                   with sincere veneration
  •                                                       Your obedient servant
  •                                                            Richard Carlile

  • Jeremy Bentham Esq.
  • Queen Square &c

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Editor’s Note
3039. 1 UC clxxiv. 92. Autograph. Addressed: 'Jeremy Bentham Esq. / London'.
Editor’s Note
2 Truth versus Ashhurst was written in 1792, but publication was suspended on Romilly's advice: see Letter 886, Correspondence, iv. In August 1823 Bentham added a short introduction and a note at the conclusion of the work, which was then published by Carlile in 1823.
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