Edward Blaquiere

Catherine Fuller (ed.), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 11: January 1822 to June 1824

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Editor’s Note3062From Edward Blaquiere12 March 1824

My dear Sir.

Here is Mr. Gordon's letter which I promised to let you see2—I am occupied between my book3 and mediating between the deputies & their friends—I trust my poor services in this way, may not be altogether unavailing—it appears that Mr. Hume is also dissatisfied with the deputies—this is greatly to be lamented; but I trust it will be in my power to make them recognize the importance of keeping on good terms with their best friends.—

I am quite angry with the Engraver for not sending me the Maps, but I think I may promise them for tomorrow. Adieu my dear sir, & believe me, Yours most devotedly

                                                            E Blaquiere.

Frith St. friday.

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Editor’s Note
3062. 1 UC xii. 215. Autograph. Endorsed: 'J Be to J Bo 14 March 1824 Send me this back.'
Editor’s Note
2 Not identified.
Editor’s Note
3 Probably The Greek Revolution; Its Origin and Progress: Together with some Remarks on the Religion, National Character, &c. in Greece, London, 1824, one of four books Blaquiere wrote on Greece.
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