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Catherine Fuller (ed.), The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vol. 11: January 1822 to June 1824

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Editor’s Note2866To José Fernandes Tomás24 April 1822 (Aet 74)Jeremy Bentham to José Fernandez Thomas

  • Queens Square Place Westminster
  • Wednesday 24 April 1822 10 A.M.

My highly respected though as yet unseen friend

This accompanies a packet containing a Letter of mine to the Cortes2 and a printed Paper intituled Codification Proposal etc which they are in expectation of

My Letter to the Cortes could not have been sent otherwise than sealed: a legible copy could not be got up time enough to have sent to you

A Supplement to the printed Paper sent—a Supplement composed of pg 62the two last received Letters from the Cortes to me is in the press:3 when completed a copy of it will be sent to you, as also one to his Excellency,4 whose Christian names I have not been able to learn.5

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Editor’s Note
2866. 1 UC, xiii. 302. Autograph draft, written at the foot of the final MS of the draft of Letter 2865. Headed: 'Brouillon'. According to Colls's Journal (BL XXVII. 100), Doane took this letter to Tomás on 24 April 1822.
Editor’s Note
2 No draft or copy of this letter has been traced, but the letter reached its destination and was discussed by the Portuguese Cortes on. 25 May 1822: see Diario das Cortes, Sessão de 25 de Maio de 1822, vi. 272. For the reply from the Cortes see Letter 2885.
Editor’s Note
3 i.e. the Supplement to 'Codification Proposal': see Letter 2859 n. 3.
Editor’s Note
4 João Francisco d'Oliveira.
Editor’s Note
5 At the end of the draft Bentham added the following note: '☛ Fair copy Sent by R. Doane together with the packet'
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